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And i suppose at county level of another stroke juice in place. Any player might be struggling with whatever he should a might be the gp organizations or the level. I suppose it wouldn't be that ties. But i suppose after seeing the what was followed into weekends and basically what i said under under newspaper was has been my experience. So that might render. You know was highlighted number. One and and i suppose who put things in place in relation to wrong clubs in relation. What can do going forward in. Her own workshops enron what needs to be done when seen esther what what is being reported to you. What have you seen in terms of. You say that it's every little and every small club it's well and truly ill live in every small club. What what have you seen to to evidence that. Yeah and as. I said we find a president boo. I also worked in Coonawarra story residential treatment center for the last ten minutes. And what. I've seen really in the last. Flavio certain clubs. That would be looking for little workshops on mental health and we're cocaine is probably sneaking in her own village and possibly in own jay as well on top of that. It was going to matches you know. A background obviously is in johnson heavily involved even if it's going to cope matches are inter county matches. You're always going to be meeting people. And you know it's been highlights and highlighted You know it every match that i go to and in relation to the messages even true true fast and into my move you know i got under join the week lever not into the county dire title and that are looking for a workshop In a certain club and a school. So that's only one little incident or you know it's rippling true moss counties in the last two to three years. And how is it manifesting itself when it comes to you are indeed your colleagues in brewery oversee the colleagues umbro rick or residential treatment center for addiction. So it's manifest winter the from That's kind of pretty sent evidence and no different in my move on a day on day today basis. You don't miss I specialize in addiction. By sun we've auto collins slows actually unsighted Whatever present. Whatever his bereavement whether depression but it's low self-esteem bullying eating disorders. Or whatever that may be. I see a huge lift in the last year with the damone clients that are common and from the various colds. That are playing Soccer hormone of football from various club. So you know it's it's just huge. Signed that it's highlighting us and and it isn't it isn't getting any en easier like addiction in itself is a disease and it's going to be progressive destiny or others and i suppose the pre call our depose cova. You know. i often say this you know. It doesn't take in canada's and you know in its nature. It's actually like stairs when you start. You know you tink dive. London pub disco would inevitably if you stay adapt in five six seven years. You know you end up taking at home two bedroom in your on youth or you know an and it really insidious wins you win. You said in the year. You've seen a change. do you think. Then that lockdown and the restrictions may have played a part where i suppose it's very easy to catapult yourself into that thinking and would order those yet it definitely has better apparent because i suppose tree lockdowns were kind of very different in an itself. was kind of you. Know people kind of get news certain. It's nice to be home. Welcome from home and the second one of flowering. And when i walk in and hardouin in my opinion if you're probably heat them the most and i definitely didn't help number one would eat away the progression and the illness of addiction as i said a while ago in its nature. It's a progressive disease. Etowah cobras there are not if you're dabbling and if anybody stand donovan eventually can't you. Yeah yeah it's it's it's insidious and it gets. You and i know that from your work with with brewery. You'll do our good friend of the show michael gear and so please do give michael regards when you're speaking with them and good luck in your own work at here on here on kerry eh former limerick hurler and now counselor with my move counseling and indeed involved with kunle brewery. It's in every club in the country cocaine but he's saying not something you want to be here in but hey we're we're not we're not above him telling you uncomfortable truths on this program. Eighteen fifty seven one five nine nine states many messages. That can before we go to another break. Because we're we're very busy yawn boosters. I'm i'm forty three. I got my booster vaccine. Two weeks ago. I do have an underlying condition but it was surprised that my parents haven't been done yet My eight year old. Who's living with diabetes. And she's eventually gone. That's what i'll relax again pass. Got his booster. Shot last saturday in city hall. Why aren't the. Hey jesse releasing the figures for the number vaccinated and unvaccinated. The daily cases. Shouldn't w hit your standards are best practice in these things. Well we've presser kingston males who was on the opinion line with me last week. Who said that he said it would be useful to know. From a research point of view it will be very useful to know on a day to day basis. The cases released to us of an evening. You know we get a thousand three hundred or two thousand. Three hundred was the day. How many of those people were vaccinated will be very useful to know that kingston metro saint louis last week. Also he said for deeper research. We'll be interested to know and we can. We can all. It's all day. It's all written down to the carriage. What vaccine did they get. So we could then. Research more into the waning of the strength of the vaccine and according to age group and according to cohort two cartons of that so that's that's true color and people way above my pay grade are asking for that information from the hse every day and on. Kate says the figures speak for themselves. Sixty five percent is an icu unvaccinated. That's not fair on the people who lose out with other ailments. If it gets worse we just have to get it done. I had quite strong reaction to my phone vaccine. It was unpleasant. But adidas. And i got the second job because it's the only way we get out of this in australia. It's no job no job. In most circumstances. I would support any way of making that happen here. Gary then says speaking about. Tim brosnan yesterday goodman tim pretending. Pj covert shirts. Aren't the answer. People think they're fine. 'cause they're assert it's rubbish and everyone knows it. That's why they shouldn't be supported. Jerry that's not making the mason missing the point much twisting appoint tim was saying was just. Because you have a vaccine search doesn't mean you're immune means you're.

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