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They are at heard as a veteran with younger talent they also stated that marty bran are thronging rodney mack could also be granted fulltime contracts pending the success of this initial venture that was on september fifteen meltzer reported that marty was released sports well where was the in that way september 15th we announce we hired in bribes sandwich rolling guy he's renounced has been released uh i have i i can't speak to that when it all sorry mardi settled as mass base pade's that it was not true that he was not released fastforward in january of seven issue the wb magazine did say that marty had been fired on december twenty second mardi gun on his mind space and said it was the boogeyman who had been fired and not return wbz phone calls and insisted that the article in the magazine was false jay are gone on his blog on his website and said marty was in fact no longer with the wsb due to a court order in florida preventing him from travelling on the road on december third of raw mr kennedy is feeding with sean michaels said that he would speak with three individuals who new michaels very well and the impostors or dressed as diesel razor and marty uh all along with a fake sean they were all hit with a sweet chin music by shawn michaels and on the next week of the fifteenth anniversary of raw marty appeared alongside sean in an interview and sean wanted to see what would happen when kennedy fathi real marty of course kennedy won the match well that had to be it right got a never came back after that on october nineteen 2009 marty made a surprise return and lost to the myths i mean this is wholly sheehan is all i mean.

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