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Suggesting around bears the responsibility for deadly attacks nets capital as ap washington correspondent sacrament ghani reports the islamic state groups claimed responsibility for wednesday's twin attacks it a written statement president trump says the us greaves and praise for the iranian people whom he says are going through such challenging times but he also says states that sponsor terrorism at risk falling victim to the evil they promote much harsher statement than his administration's initial reaction which did not include an allegation that iran sponsors terror the us designated terada as the state sponsor of terrorism more than thirty a years ago saga remain ghani wash tim some us states are reviewing their election systems for signs of intrusion as a p correspondent jackie quinn reports the move stems from a report revealing an aparent effort by russia to hack into us election software the report from the national security agency leaked out online asserts that hackers obtained information from workers at the our systems based in florida and used it to send fishing emails to more than a hundred local election officials virginia north carolina and illinois are among eight states that you as vr software and acknowledge that they are investigating if the're systems were breached there is no indication that voting or ballot counting was compromised in any state i'm jackie quinn does your first fish father's day the day to see thanks to the most imortant guy in the world this year get him what he really months at cabello's father's day sale dome this are eight am door busters five hours only on june to get.

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