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Because we're kind of an intellectual family that likes to learn so there's obviously we've been peppering him with questions I've been really nice they're also very focused on preservation you know conserving the not from Texas around us a focus on conservation that's also important to the naturalists sounds like you've always had this drive to conserve but there a moment when you thought I want to be a naturalist I have a lot of knowledge in my mind and I have a lot of experience question in a win this year it's the once in a lifetime the real live these experiences that puts the region at risk but it's something the world wildlife fund says can be managed you are not always the former WWF director for Ecuador he said mobile H. four he can be good and it can be bad so let's make sure that we manage to do soon the best possible way and we use them as a conservation to isn't a nine to five job that night at home with Federico we saw how networks are responsible for reporting everything they see when they describe what it when they saw what was good in wrong for example sometimes there is some people a destroying vegetation sometimes I've found families with dogs dogs are restricted because they can cause cross contamination so can we that's because each of the at least fourteen islands here are so drastically different from one another do you logically and kinds of plants and animals that live on them the most important trade to buy diversity on islands he's invasive species because of the long distances between.

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