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Los angeles and stephen smith is not enthused about that idea why you're listening do me a favor stop just you want to go to los angeles that's it i am so sick and tired of folks walking around i'll be just no no what are you scared about what are you scared about coordinated antonio anymore the river walk is not enough for him he prefers rodeo roles and well sir thanks staple foods he doesn't candidate there's no state income taxes in texas he wants out because he wants to be in la you don't have to sit up there they come up with excuses because twenty million dollars and you should be upset at you so i couldn't they be stopping look out of a problem with kawhi leonard wanted to go to los angeles when he's in san antonio san antonio lucky sucks and basis off of not my actual personal experience i have never heard a good thing said about san antonio someone who's lived in houston for a little bit you would think that you would hear just every now and then some positive tidbits about san antonio so i don't blame him for wanting to go to los angeles but he's trying to force his way out some people have an issue with that honestly if you're one of the best players in the nba doesn't matter what people are upset about you can do whatever you want because not enough the river walk has got a gross wow there's a river around a shopping plaza holy smokes it's a moat i'm gonna fly to san antonio decks jets i get it's boring there it's boring it's boring town more of a family place than it actually is.

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