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Well, the man's never been funny in anything. I can't speak to. I don't think I've ever even seen an episode of that show. Jamie Gertz was also like the woman that he shouldn't wind up within twister. You know? She was kind of the uptight one in Toyland talk about a bad movie. I at the time I loved it. I'm sure it doesn't hold up. Believe me. I knew it was shit the minute. I saw I didn't I didn't wear which is why we don't see eye to eye anymore. I was a kid fourteen movie about tornadoes. You know, I'm going to say that I was sixteen. I thought it sucked ass. All right now. We were all that man. I was like eighteen you were like ninety seven. I would have been sixteen. Yeah. Yeah. The dying. We just saw Doral God, she seems sweet shores running me and my aunt Sammy God restaurant. So I love we liked about weeks. Big fan parenthood is also from this era and she's dynamite in that movie had inter sisters. Of course, she's. Her sister. She's she's she I rarely use. This term a force is the force Ed Scissorhands, she's incredibly ash. She's she's wonderful. If I'm being real, I think her performance ED's Scissorhands is my favorite of hers. I, you know, I get it. Dude. People love that movie. I'm not a big ED's is fan. But I get the appeal. I understand why people love it. And I don't think that's crazy that that would be your favorite. We performance handed her sisters because it's my favorite movie of all time, you know, can't compete with that hayme in hayme here at the breakfast table in the class. I always by the way, the grandfather, I always thought this guy was art Carney. Wasn't Bernard Hughes. Name isn't that the name of the guy that died? The boyfriend Bernard Hermann Barnard Hughes and Bernard Hermann Bernard Hughes. Interesting fact for you horror fans out there stars in arguably the best.

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