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Bernie goldberg's in miami no snow down a but it was chile this morning so goldberg i really appreciate i know you might have been a little cool down there but you may time force and and we really appreciate that first of all i'm always cool second of all it wasn't chilly it was bitter cold was forty five degrees uh oh you know like i haven't been outside the house today it's i can't outside the house it's in 40s it's hard horrible miami florida i lived there for two years i know how tough it can big all right so my monologue a your reaction to it get oh i want an elevate couple pledge you're you're right that it doesn't mean anything in terms of the stock market ord north korea or anything in the real world you're right about that but i just wonder what would you and others say it a book came out quoting rahm emanuel badmouthing trump and his top aides i'm sorry bent bobbing president obama and his top aides that would be on could you not the only ones said it doesn't mean anything by the way it's been all over conservative media why are we talking about this when we should be talking about jobs in the economy while icl rahm emanuel and barack obama and emanuel was saying bad things it would be on non stop 24 hours a day on conservative radio and conservative television i would do it died on on i never did that to uh barack obama i never got into any of that uh obama bashing from the inside because i felt it was meaningless unless it affected directly the purchase you know what i've got a running theme going and it's about hypocrisy and the debt the principles and and things like that a give you an example i mean i do think conservative media.

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