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Potato. I see a six hour miniseries. And I bet you could get at least a couple of scripts written. He joked, I'm such a dope. I can be intrigued by anything, but it wasn't reading because he was always looking for his next miniseries. Those projects naturally emerged from his book fueled obsessions. Hank said some of the best vacations. I've had have just been in tent up in the mountains. With a book is reading lists skew towards history and science fiction. Authors named as particular favorites. Include Anna funder, John Hershey, James Baldwin, Maeve binchy Sarah foul, it a Cal Hoon Bill. Bryson Dave Eggers Allen, I Philip Kerr a more towels and John scally. Scalise said that being publicly name checked by Hanks didn't seem to have any significant impact on a sales quote. But it made my editor publisher and mom happy, which is nice five books Hanks, particularly recommended number one the aspirin age nineteen nineteen to nineteen forty one a compendium of twenty two s as edited by Isabel eight collection of stories about events personalities between nineteen nineteen of the war. You read the forgotten men of her side, you just see politics nutshell, number two stone her by John Williams. It's simply an awful about a guy who goes to college and becomes a teacher. But it's one of the most fascinating things that you've ever come across number three davita heart behind potok. He weaves glamorous world out of these settings and the family superstructures and out of the social era almost always painfully painfully sad number four a world that only by fire. William manchester. You learn so much not just about the dark ages. But all the stuff that puts it into purely human terms, number five sapiens. A brief history of humankind by Yuval Noah Harari that fellow connected. An awful lot of dots network. I thought the book would be dense read a slog with a struggle for my brain on every page. I had a highlighter ready to Mark. The more payment thick paragraphs. I'd have to go back and re ponder instead flew through like it was a nonfiction thornbirds. Does that mean him getting smarter? Hanks with the kind of guy who said I went on a reading rampage. This was inaccurate only in that it implied. There were times when he wasn't devouring a book he kept his book stacked up three columns each six or eight books high a mountain that he was perpetually wearing down one volume at a time. When someone tells me, they finally read a book never crack, I take a wack out of a sense of challenge. That's how I finally read Moby Dick, the book, everyone pretends to know, he bragged in two thousand eleven I finally made it from Colmey Ishmail to it was the devious cruising Rachel than in her retracing. Search after her missing children only found another orphan. Okay. So we marvel at how many movies he can make an a year and yet he's reading. I have a hard enough time reading all the books for the people. I'm gonna have on the show here and doing other things as well and his mic movies in the process, some people. I mean, I'm gonna assume is a fast reader, I interviewed this Stephen Colbert back in the day when he was starting to show, and I smoked with to him and John Stewart about each other. And they both said they both really read the books someone's on the show they actually sit down and do they don't fix their way through it. One of the things we kind of luted to at the beginning before shift to Bill Murray. Here is this nice guy syndrome and the deal with that in the beginning of the book that everybody just you know, he's just such a nice cat. And he himself wasn't as if he was. Disappointed. He might have been disappointing. His his thought was and you quoted and then here is just boring. There's more to me than just being a nice guy. It's reductive, you know, sort of nobody wants to be known only for being a nice guy. He doesn't want to be a jerk. He's hoping that serve you'll find more to and then that kind of like in high school, and you're trying to figure out why they didn't date you. He's such a nice guy. Whatever. What are the things is so many people to send to me like when I haven't been to this. Oh, he seems like a nice guy realized for a lot of people that that's the wall that's end and saying well, why I wrote something called the nice manifesto where the opening lines of the book are actually. Tom Hanks's are really nice guy. Hey, wait. Where are you going? So and you're probably getting that feedback because in those books there has to be a little bit of conflict right to be a little bit of something that will draw people in. I mean, it's it's not exciting just to read about. The plane right ordinary, right. And the nice. So what is it about Tom Hanks that drew you to him besides his celebrity? Well, I thought it's the fascination of the mega star whose unexamined the, you know, he's arguably one of the most famous people in the world, but you know, sort of like people say nice guy, and that's the end of it that and it was fascinating for me as I went into it like things that you mentioned that sort of like you had this really troubled childhood where his parents were divorced. He was kind of raising himself and what kind of person like forms that. And what is like the mental landscape that makes it possible for them to become like who they are like, you know, you don't stumble into that. You've got to be driven to do it. So I want like debris. All right. Well, when we come back, we're going to go from the nice guy to to the guy that everyone wants to crash their party. So stay with us when come back. We're going to do Bill Murray and also our author segment see in a minute listeners would just over thirty episodes in Charlotte russe podcast Lofton, October two thousand eighteen the weakness schedule, but this Friday may tenth we're going to be doing something a little different. We're going to be having a laugh podcast with help of the quaint city podcast network, which would be part of the shout vessel uptown. Charlotte could be one PM Friday at KoKo in the director in the Marriott. Kathy is would be our guest author. She'll read a talk about her book hunter story hun battling chronic homelessness in Charlotte. It's great store come on out and watch the podcast. You can do. So might even win a book it will run from one to two o'clock this Friday up see their four lead the spot. I'm express my gratitude to our sponsors Porco books and Charlton laboratory for helping local authors and those visit the Queen city give voice to their written words and says the three they understand the vais that reading has for healthy and rich in life. Will it's pretty hard to be rated with that writers, which is why they're supporting spotlighting authors. And their work is good for the community. Now, one more thing, Charlotte. Podcast is a member of the twin city podcast network powered by Ortho. Carolina. For more information, go to Queen city podcast

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