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Right now for I don't know where to start we come to were restarted once nobody told me the road greasy this fall to stop you don't like what's going on in this country only one thing to do together we can take back this country now I mean that's a direct ripoff for Hillary Hillary went down just so moved are you know where is tard trying to talk with the black dialect Obama even tried you know he doesn't speak with the black dialect worried he'd be put one on down there what year would that have been of a two thousand sixteen two thousand fifteen fourteen whatever but here's but we don't feel low wage dar we've come too far for what steps do they think these voters are here comes Joe Biden plugs trying to sound like great African American historical figures as the ultimate in pandering all Jacque Reid Jack re the is senator and Democrat Rhode Island and a lot of people don't know why I did pull Losi rip up trumps state of the union speech why did she do it it's been two weeks now and they're still talking about it now they're blaming me for this W. J. A. R. T. V. ten news conference I guess senator Jack reed the question after the state of the union hello she tore up to speech I've heard bipartisan criticism of that would you be critical of her for doing that I think she was so frustrated by a civilian speech that was really a reality TV show when you prevent Rush Limbaugh the medal of freedom at the end of that I think she was overcome by frustration they are making my day making my day I've hired by because if I can do lay claim for the credit for follows the ripping up that speech I have so many people at what it what what it looked like you were there you watch it would look like if it fox it it didn't happen is prominently in happen afterwards and it was you know she had little little tears in it before hand because she's not strong enough to rip the page from the scratch so she had to have cheats will start rips to make it look when it was all a show and it was really pathetic but again that's that's what they think their base wants to see and I don't doubt that she is personally is frustrated by the inability they've all face that getting from for four years enter Weissman enter Weissmann is the lead lawyer investigator to mother team Mahler was a figure head Weissman was the the guy Weissman has is a well known figure in the department of justice he has been involved in a number of cases that suspicious in dubious he's been sanctioned by a federal judge many of his cases of an over turned in toto by the US Supreme Court and he is a dyed in the wool leftist Democrat pro Hillary despises trump and was actually of the the brains behind the Mahler investigation that was Weissman that really ran that show my mother was a figure had at what's interesting here is that according to Jim Hoffa gateway pundit Andrew Weissmann actually told Chuck Todd that that the new investigation of this week initiated by the Attorney General involving US attorney in Saint Louis Jeff Jensen amber Weisman says this is actually a rose to investigate call me McCabe and struck strokes mark now Jeff Johnson is the US attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri has been appointed by bar to investigate something or other and Weissmann is out saying that this is and that the bar may be having something up his sleeve and may be running a distraction operation here by getting all agitated about the Roger stone case in the sentencing every may actually running another door among type investigation because Friday bill Barr assigned Jeff Jensen the U. S. attorney Eastern District of Missouri he lives and works in Saint Louis your review of the abusive case against Michael Flynn Barr also assigned a handful of prosecutors to review other cases in the US attorney's office in DC and and and of course Weissmann is out telling people that this is a new investigation and the call me McCabe and Peter struck strokes mark I don't know if that's true or not but I think with Weissman saying so I think there's probably some validity to it and I think there are still people quaking in their boots over it now I know all of that McCabe just got a pass and I think that's a bad bad thing I think it's a it presents a bad picture yeah it cements the idea that if you're in the F. B. I. you can lie to Congress you can live with the F. B. I. and you can you can you can rely on three oh two is you can you can change three oh two is you can you can live the FISA court nothing in the world's going to happen you're you're going to get a pass but you be like Martha Stewart you light of these investigators are Michael Flynn you're going to jail for years six months to years you get hired by CNN as a commentator when everybody knows that you were one of the ring leaders of this very unconstitutional cool that was designed to create the idea that trump was a traitor and cheating with the Russians to steal the twenty sixteen election is outrageous but at the same time I've I would I don't think we came is in the clear I think he's been cleared of a process crime lying to the FBI lead but I don't think he's a skateboarder building but make came is out there Nick Cave is I think it's outrageous that I would be investigated for two years by the department it's outrageous look at what you think it's outrageous what you tried to do to trump the arrogance of these people it it makes me feel I gotta take a break I just saw the clock sit tight we've got much more straight ahead we get back we'll send you.

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