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In the shallow waters that <hes> you you know how these ellison my aunts that reliant photosynthesis to get their food but corals are really large group of organisms and they we have deep sea corals that don't have these symbiosis that just feed terrifically by eating dinner things in the water in a lot of corals the Ken have pigments and their skeletons do <unk> pigments of their own until like black quarrels you know read corals was things that you see see in the stores like that's still the skeleton but those are the organisms themselves she should have pulled out of the ocean which we should leave. Even the ocean <unk> now are those getting harvested just for decorative purposes very often on. There's a lot of protections in different places about corals <hes> but it's not not everywhere okay suicide note. Some figures have estimated upwards words of two hundred million dollars. Annually worth of coral is poached from the oceans for things like jewelry and decor and in some places just taking a coral skeleton bit from the beach is illegal so if you're gonNA get arrested rested on a beach do something else have better story you know so maybe don't have coral decorations yeah okay but what you can have. Is that where technology increases where we're doing a lot of work with like thirty imaging go home you you go to museum or you know Tech Place and get a coral printed that in your house Meyer them in a in a way that's a replica. Yeah absolutely makes just beautiful right you can. I'm sure you can even cast the plaster Paris in their fixed it P._S.. Yes I did look it up and there are hollow coral shaped molds you can pour plaster Paris in them and it just seems more convenient than getting yourself to an ocean and then out of jail and now how long have you been studying corals. I've been studying corals formerly for four years during this degree but I've been interested in quarrels for for much longer have studied corals as a volunteer researcher at the California Academy Sciences on expeditions and volunteer expeditions actually kind of like else obscure. Oh come as a younger person and were you always maybe drawn to the see where you always like an aquatic person. That's a good question too so I grew up just outside of Chicago where even though I felt like I was growing up in a body of Water Lake Michigan. You know it's not a marine in environments freshwater environment so it looks like I wasn't growing up swimming on coral reefs but for me you know.

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