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Making the announcement that will impact some 25,000 students, Faculty and staff will not face of vaccine mandate, but those who don't get the shot will have to submit the regular testing. The Chronicle of Higher Learning, says some 380 colleges across the nation of mandated vaccinations for this fall, including the University of Maryland system schools. Some of the pandemic era. Changes at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles may end up becoming permanent. Virginia's D. M V will offer more appointment slots starting next month. This is popular. It's working. We're excited about it. We're excited to give Maura opportunities more appointments. Commissioner Rick Holcomb says Virginia's Motor Vehicle Department will offer over half a million appointments this summer. 78% of our customers say they really liked the appointment system. They hoped that we keep it. Commissioner Holcomb says The appointment system is under review. Barbara Britt w e mailed and W m a l dot com The Maryland State House is re opening to the public after being closed for more than a year due to the pandemic. Maryland State Capital is once again welcoming visitors and governor Larry Hogan says he's excited. Maybe I'll go down and welcome some of them and Don't know if I'll put on the colonial garb, but I might go down and give the tour all covert protocols, including screening questions and thermal scanning of remain in place for visitors, tours and groups may not exceed 25 people, not including the Tour guide. Those who have been vaccinated won't need to wear a mask. Really fun. W May l and w e mail dot com Checking your money. The Dow futures are up this morning 102 points. The NASDAQ futures up 27 in sports. The Wizard's crush the pages 1 42 to 17. 1 15. That claims the final playoff spot, and it caps a 17 and six finish That was sparked weeks ago by Russell Westbrook in and talk with his teammates. I didn't care what happened the previous games move before we have a trigger ourselves. I look ourselves in the mirror that start with myself and I made it clear to the guys that We will make it. They'll face the top seed six years on Sunday, the Nationals lose to the Cubs, 5 to 2. They host the Orioles tonight with Stephen Strasburg off the injured list and on the mound. The Orioles fall to the raise 10 to 1 and Corey Connors has a two stroke lead after the first round of the PGA Championship up Next traffic and weather is mornings on the mall continues on W M. A L. I'm letting it hang out..

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