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1108. Michael and sons heeding tune up for only $59. Now, traffic and weather on the 8s, we turn to Rita Kessler in the WTO traffic center. Let's start out in Maryland where we're seeing a bit of an unusual delay on the southbound Baltimore Washington Parkway, basically from the beltway headed toward the good luck road overpass. Nothing reported in the roadway so keep an eye out not sure if it's a work zone or a crash. If you're on 95, no reported problems between the beltways, two 70 also looks good from Frederick all the way to the lane divide. If you're getting under the outer loop of the beltway, however, expect to slow down after the merge with the spur before river road added across the American legion bridge toward Georgetown pike inner loop slows from the toll road to Georgetown pike the right lane blocked with the work in both directions. Now the inner loop of the beltway in Springfield is slow, headed all the way past Braddock road, the two left lanes are blocked with some sign work, outer loop of the beltway headed toward the split with the local and through lanes it is one left lane getting by the work in the delay after the Eisenhower avenue connector, there was a broken down truck in the left center lane. You also have a delay on northbound three 95 headed toward duke street. Today the work is set up in the left lane, northbound 95 is slow before the rappahannock river bridge had a past 17 today the work is set up in the left lane. Westbound 50 at rugby road in middle ridge drive had been the scene of erect that may be cleared in the district D.C. two 95 slow in both directions, northbound off the 11th street bridge passing Pennsylvania avenue, southbound from Burroughs headed past these capital street, inbound suitland Parkway is a little heavy right now trying to head to the light at Stanton road, so keep an eye out in case that work is there. And westbound 50s, still very slow before route two near bayda drive headed toward the southern river bridge, the right lane is blocked with some work that will not be picked up until at least Saturday. McKesson supports federal agencies with medical supplies, lab solutions and equipment visit MMS dot McKesson dot com slash government for purchasing that's MMS dot McKesson dot com slash government. I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic. Let's go to chuck bell for the forecast. Beautiful day to be outside today, sunny skies, giving way to a little bit more cloud cover, but no rain to worry about today, high temperature up to 62°,

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