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You are will be for many more years to come. You try to convert me though. You know that right? I can always hope you're my easy pass to the next world if I do so Let me just tell you that we're contacted by some government officials. Please fill out that senses form. It's imperative important, so we get proper representation that funding Don't ignore the senses, too They have we got enough. I think an amazing program with two guests who have so much to say. One is a good friend of ours. Right. She's Jeffrey Magarri Community affairs and my P D. A. And the other is Rabbi Abraham Cooper, who's the associate dean of the Simon Reasonable Center, and I was Consider him not only a friend, but he's a role model for so many because he's a proud June, you know, just to be anti anti Semitism just to be anti racism. Doesn't always translate into being a proud person. You know, you take away the negative and also what's left. You've got to be positive in terms of standing up for standards and mingle role models to others. Absolutely. And what I like about both of our guests, their balance in their approach to the issues that we're wrestling throughout the society right now, in their own context and So it's gonna be a great interview. Well, it looked pork blood, So when you come back, we'll have Keith Jeffery Mallory NYPD Community affairs, and he'll be followed by Rabbi Abraham Cooper off the Simon. We Shall all centers for more than 120.

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