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For beach because of high tides and some strong winds and story and more news coming up at the top of the hour. It 67 right now. 6 55 traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. The vise brought you by Stater brothers. Here's Jeff Biggs. So let's get you the latest on head story. We told you about heading downtown 10 eastbound in Arlington. There was a car blocking the offramp because the driver fell asleep that sure if somebody will come up or was the CHP, but that car's gone so that driver is awakened out of your way. We still have the similar working in Santa Monica westbound 10 at fourth Street, all lanes are still stopped due to police activity. Not as heavy of volume as there was last hour. But that's what's still going on there. In the park about five auto center there is still a bumper in the carpool lane and in Tustin on the south, Find 55 McFadden Somebody dropped a bicycle in the carpool lane. And if you're heading up to big bear, expect major delays on Highway 3 30 Duda one way alternating traffic control. You can still take the long way. Which is Highway 38. Stop by state of brothers Mark. It's for the best fried chicken in town. It's always fresh, Never frozen. If you prefer baked. They've got that to get eight pieces for just 4 99 Don't forget the sides. Stater Brothers markets comfort food at its best. Your next report coming up at 705 I'm Jeff. Things with more traffic reports were often Okay. Next 10 70 news radio Advisory in effect through Ah, Monday at noon could be selling the hot this weekend with highs in the seventies. The beaches, eighties and nineties in the valleys. Clear skies silos down the fifties and sixties. We're expecting some cooling in the middle of the coming.

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