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Embrace <Speech_Male> you when <Speech_Male> you're one of their own <Speech_Male> and I loved my time <Speech_Music_Male> in Boston. I'm always <Speech_Music_Male> going to be a Celtics fan <Speech_Male> off. Always going <Speech_Male> to cheer for those guys <Speech_Male> because <Speech_Music_Male> that fan <Speech_Male> base and that <Speech_Male> steady just <Speech_Male> a love basketball <Speech_Male> and I was fortunate enough <Speech_Male> to be a part of it first <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> season. <Speech_Male> Yeah, that's awesome. <Speech_Male> And so do calls <Speech_Male> you back. I'm sure it's <Speech_Male> the same process there were <Speech_Male> probably a million <Speech_Male> colleges calling you <Speech_Male> and say <Speech_Male> we'd love to have you <Speech_Male> tell us <Speech_Male> we had a couple of minutes left <Speech_Male> here. Tell us all about <Speech_Male> Duke <Speech_Male> why you chose it <Speech_Male> and you know what <Speech_Male> you expect of your <Speech_Male> girls and and <Speech_Male> the season upcoming <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> season. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> I chose <Speech_Music_Male> do because it's a special <Speech_Music_Male> place. <Speech_Music_Male> I mean everybody <Speech_Music_Male> knows Duke <Speech_Male> you where were a Duke <Speech_Male> shirt, you're going to get a reaction. <Speech_Male> Sometimes <Speech_Male> a good one sometimes <Speech_Male> and the not-so-good one, <Speech_Male> but you're definitely going to get <Speech_Male> a reaction and that's <Speech_Male> because the <Speech_Male> brand itself stands <Speech_Male> for excellence <Silence> people <Speech_Male> understand <Speech_Male> that stands for <Speech_Male> excellence in college <Speech_Male> basketball. <Speech_Male> So to have an opportunity <Speech_Male> to <Speech_Male> coach at the same school <Speech_Male> as Mike. She schefsky <Speech_Male> was one <Speech_Male> of the great Legends <Speech_Male> not just in basketball <Speech_Male> when an American Sports <Speech_Male> history when you <Speech_Male> really think about it <Speech_Male> have the opportunity <Speech_Male> to <Speech_Male> coach at this great <Speech_Male> institution is one of the <Speech_Male> best <Speech_Music_Male> academic schools <Speech_Music_Male> in the country <Speech_Music_Male> club. I <Speech_Music_Male> couldn't turn that down. <Speech_Male> This is a great place <Speech_Male> to be able <Speech_Music_Male> to help mold <Speech_Music_Male> young women <Speech_Music_Male> to be leaders <Speech_Male> leaders in society <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> the young women that we have <Speech_Male> coming through Nuke <Speech_Music_Male> Em <Speech_Music_Male> are bright some of <Speech_Male> the brightest Minds in world <Speech_Male> and so as <Speech_Male> a coach to get <Speech_Male> a chance to to <Speech_Male> help them <Speech_Male> during this time in <Speech_Male> their life is something <Speech_Male> that is very <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> special. <Speech_Male> Well, <Speech_Male> I am sure <Speech_Male> that every <Speech_Male> woman that <Speech_Male> is going to come through and play <Speech_Male> for you is going to <Speech_Male> be extremely <Speech_Male> excited <Speech_Male> do couldn't have <Speech_Male> picked a better person <Speech_Male> to run their <Speech_Male> program. I'm <Speech_Male> sure the Cameron crazies <Speech_Male> are going to be out <Speech_Male> for you this year <Speech_Male> and I look forward to <Speech_Male> going all the way and <Speech_Male> giving those a girl's <Speech_Male> an opportunity to win the <Speech_Male> championship. So <Speech_Male> Kara. Thank <Speech_Male> you so much. <Speech_Male> Do you have a Facebook <Speech_Male> or anywhere people follow <Speech_Male> you and find <Speech_Male> you on social media. <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> Yeah, I'm on I'm <Speech_Music_Male> on Twitter Instagram <Speech_Male> and Facebook <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> at Carol loss and <Speech_Male> twenty or Twenty <Speech_Male> Terror loss and some <Speech_Male> version of that. But <Speech_Music_Male> yeah, I'm on all the <Speech_Music_Male> brightest a interacting <Speech_Male> with the fans for <Silence> <SpeakerChange> sure. <Speech_Male> Well, <Speech_Male> we really appreciate <Speech_Male> you of joining us on <Speech_Male> the sports circus and <Speech_Male> huddle up with Gus <Speech_Male> Kara. <Speech_Male> Congratulations <Speech_Male> on getting the <Speech_Male> new job. <Speech_Male> I wish you all <Speech_Male> the best and good <Speech_Male> luck this year <Speech_Male> being the new <Speech_Male> Duke women's <Speech_Male> head basketball <Speech_Male> coach everyone. <Speech_Male> Thank you for listening <Speech_Male> to huddle up with <Speech_Male> gusts. We <Speech_Male> appreciate you listening <Speech_Male> to us on Facebook <Speech_Male> and on <Speech_Male> YouTube. <Speech_Male>

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