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To do what's best for the team. We would love to keep Nick false. I mean, you talk about a guy who we've we drafted year and we've grown incredibly close with amount. Not that wouldn't want to have Nick foles on their roster. So certainly as we go into the substance of those discussions, we haven't had them yet. But there's no question we love to have a Nick foles as an eagle in Philadelphia. And we'd love to keep them. Look at some point the business is going to take the front seat. And we will see if the eagles go the extra mile to extract something for Nick foles, and if that antagonize Nick foles, and if his business takes the franc- too because he's got a tunnel leverage in this. Let's see how it all plays out. But it's interesting that they've already declared on Carson Wentz. Surprising. It doesn't surprise me. It doesn't surprise me. I'll say it a third time. It does not surprise me. But I need to keep saying that in order to. I mean because that's two years. Now the first year was him playing with reckless abandon jumping head first for an end zone with Aaron Donald never others. Are the Rams coming at him and his leg? Got crunched in the wrong spot. Boom. Bad luck also style of play which everyone who had been talking about for awhile. With him leading up to that. It's dangerous in there. You don't go head first diamond for the end zone. Live for another day. You get such a great running game. You got look Eric blunt at the time. He got JJ. You've got a whole offense live for another day. Don't go diamond head. I end zone fine. Come back. The next year struggling dot looking as good as the previous year. But that's to be understood coming back from injury. But then a back problem comes up, and those are fickle beasts, and Nick foles is special. They'd love to have him. I don't think Nick foles is going to be like, you know, what I'll make my twenty million dollars holding the clip boarding. And it must be wants to go the Kirk cousins wrote here year-by-year make a ton of money until he can finally have the leverage you go where the hell he wants. We'll see if the eagles franchise him, which that could happen. What else do? Four million dollars though, or whatever. I think it'd be like twenty five million number is. No. But I don't think the I think they would franchise him not for the attentive keeping up with the intent of trying to trade him, right? Just a couple other coaching notes that Mike monk check ends up. Joining the Broncos as their offensive line. Coach Gary kubiak to the Vikings as an offensive advise now kubiak in Elway clearly didn't see eye to eye for him to not get the job. There was Vic Fangio saying I got my own thing. Right. And I'm sorry, John. I know you're tight with kubiak that he's won a I just don't want to have a former Super Bowl head coach who's your best friend being my coordinator my first ever job. So you could understand Vic Fangio made some sort of maneuver to say, I don't want this. And which is explains why he didn't want to answer those questions at his press conference about kubiak 'cause it was stuck up in the air and makes sense and kubiak is now going to Minnesota where Kevin's defence key is still the offensive coordinator. But kubiak son is on the on the staff and apparently everybody likes each other. And that's great. But Why's shack leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers? To go to the Denver Broncos. Now, he has family apparently in Colorado, which would make sense right there. But he was passed over for the head coaching job in Denver. And he's still going there is it that bad in Pittsburgh. I don't know, man. You have to sit here and wonder Tony O'Brien had some real weird tweets this morning. My gosh. Wouldn't you want to get the hell out of there if you're right? Arabs like the ship. Was I'll read it out loud too. Because you know, this is our favorite low hanging fruit game as well. Let me find it right here. Which is which is Big Ben saying something that can be misconstrued. You extra words in the Arctic is in the article, I read on ESPN dot com of Monsanto to going from Pittsburgh to Denver, quote is what he said, I guess in his radio show making a public plea prior to leaving to retain Mancha quote. I pray that fans, right? As many letters as they can to Mr. Rooney to keep Coachmen Chac around. He's such a special coach. Yes, or no, there's one more step. There's one more step sentence that sends us in a totally different weird direction yesterday. Yeah. Right. Yes. Let's hear it when the linemen are happy and love to play for their coach. They play better. So check is making the linemen unhappy and they're not playing hard air go. No, no, no the way I took it as like, they're not happy blocking for first balance quarterback going to hall of fame. Shouldn't that automatically keep them? Happy. He's just weird. It's just you know, what I mean like, we can all there's always one line that causes you to just go. That's a little weird. It's a little off, isn't it? I can't he just just like just stop it. Right there. Just it's always like Costanza doesn't wanna leave too quick college things. Former Notre Dame quarterback. Brandon wimbush trans he's a graduate transfer for next year gonna go play at central Florida's. That means he's out of the portal, or he's in the Puerto words or protocols or the protocol of the portal. There's no this call he is but still has eligibility. So he's gone. Then he's going to play next year like that phantom zone day goes into the the atmosphere with general in it that needs some sort of nuclear blast to get you out of it. He's safe. He's not in there. Michigan's new offensive coordinator. Josh Gad has had no idea he was even going to be recruited by Michigan. Jim Harbaugh apparently landed him in a couple of hours. Josh Gad is said, quote when Jim called me it caught me off guard because I was literally just left a meeting Nick Sabin. Whereas getting my butt chewed out for twenty minutes and then telling him I was leaving. And he tried to keep me to stay. Yeah. Apparently did not go over well from what's happening right now as Josh Gaddis who is a co coordinator, I believe with the offense in Alabama. Was getting some offers from other schools at any apparently was going in the direction of Maryland. And when Harbaugh heard that he was thinking of leaving Alabama goes will let me let me get in on this and five hours later, he was Michigan's play caller and Harbaugh's apparently going to hand the entire offense off to him to which I say love it bring. Jalen hurts. And this is just a no, no, she Patterson is just fine. But use him use him in a way with you got some big huge NFL quality, physical wide receivers out wide. Let let's go. It's the twenty first century, and to to that I say just to bring it all full circle here that some folks think that may be Jason Garrett should reimagined himself with a new offensive coordinator in Dallas in the same way that Andy Reid reimagined himself and Coughlin eventually reimagined himself while still on the job with the giants and Harbaugh having the ability to say, you know, what let's get this kid this younger guy from Alabama and bring him in. And it's your job. Kudos. I think that takes some sort of looking in the mirror, and of course, the twenty-first century aspect of it all is this story came out on Jim Harbaugh's podcast. How do you get Gaddis donnas? Pod was able to land that booking right? Okay. Let's take a break. I will explain to you. Why I'm gonna leave this chair for two days? That's they can't it can't come out. But that's next. Here on the rich Eisen show Capital One. What do you think of when you think about your Bank? It's where you keep your money. Right. But you probably also think about minimums and fees pretty typical Capital One though is building something completely different and his reimagining banking. What does that mean? Capital? One wants to build a better back. Obviously, you think.

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