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95 North and Mansfield after an earlier car fire at the Mansfield rest area. Friday, July 24th the Red Sox taking to the field at Fenway, with their season opener against the Orioles, and Cedar Citizens in West Roxbury, protest Ng for Black lives matter, a Good Samaritan and Lowell credited with talking a man off a bridge overlooking the conquered river. BBC TV's Luisa Mueller caught up with Frances Gonzalez, who Is at the right place at the right time. Gonzalez and her daughters were driving home on a June day, a different route than usual. When they saw this, she noticed a man on the bridge, but he was over the railing. So she said, as mom, God, look at that guy. I think he's gonna jump. He needs help. They parked and Gonzales headed for the bridge. They looked at him. And I said, Sir, I'm here. Are you okay? And he just started crying. Then a state would have it. Someone else stepped in. I see a woman walking towards them A weaver down. Call 911 Police arrive next and time seemed to blur, Gonzales says. Finally, they reached him, then turning around and we know that brought him over the railing. I gave him a big hug. On and I say you're going to make it that's quite the story there. The man was transported to a nearby hospital for a mental health evaluation. Well, the ex girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein transferred to a federal prison in New York following her arrest in New Hampshire last week, Glenn Maxwell facing multiple charges in connection to an alleged sex trafficking operation that brought girls some as young as 14 to Epstein's home in Manhattan. And she has denied any wrongdoing and called claims against her absolute rubbish. It's now 9 17 Needless to say, it has been a busy stretch of time for the justices in the nation's highest court. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, the Supreme Court seems to be churning out the decisions. Reporter builds them for taking a closer look. It has indeed been a different year for just about every American and that includes the Supreme Court. A straight from tradition back in May, holding oral arguments by phone and streaming them live Now the court is working overtime, delivering opinions into July for the first time since 1996. The court released opinions and three cases on Monday and there could be more later this week. The court is apparently saving the highest profile cases until last They'll release opinions on two cases impacting President Trump and another that takes up the Obama care contraception mandate that requires employers to pick up the cost of contraception for employees, regardless of religious views. In the cases involving the president, the court will rule on whether a House committee can subpoena the president's taxes and financial records and whether a New York state prosecutor can get those records. Many people look at the U. S currently and Flashback to the upheaval in the country 50 or so years ago. Well, the last time the Supreme Court work past July 7th, they were preparing to rule on something called the Nixon tapes. Yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld a federal ban on Roble calls to cell phones. It's now 9 18 as protest against racial injustice continue across the country today is a designated As a blackout day. Activists are encouraging black Americans to only spend their money on products and services by black owned businesses. Yesterday, hundreds of demonstrators were in Indiana following the release of video, which appears to show a racially motivated assaults. Bloomington, Indiana Core rammed into a demonstration yesterday The protesters were speaking out in response to a video posted to Facebook and viewed more than four million times It appears to show a group of white men holding box booker up against a tree. Why was pinned down? In.

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