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So much more? Marshall Allen here on trainer talk presented by phasic tipton Marshall we're down to the final three minutes or two and a half minutes of the program. This hour has really flown by and it's been remarkable to hear your story and here you talk about receiving that white horse award and essentially saving a life on the backside last year and if folks missed that in the beginning of the program, we spent most of the first half talking about that story, I'll encourage them to head back and listen to the podcast. But it looks like about a minute and a half to two minutes left. I'm going to ask you one final question. What do you consider to be the most special win of your career? Maybe not even the biggest, but the most special. Oh. I think that'd be tough. It would probably be maybe one of the earlier horses I trained that I owned was the one I was talking about illustrious legend. We call them Gumby. He was a horse that you had. I mean, he just kind of he just he had to really take your time with him. I didn't even get him started until he was like 5 years old because you'd take two steps forward and take another step back. And I would always give him the time and if it was time to stop and you stop and turn him out and bring him back next year and first time when I ran him and he goes out and wins. I mean and just talk about a speed ball and it just always for a horse to overcome challenges and stuff and still go out there and give it all is probably the most memorable thing you'd ever have with the racehorse. Because you know what it takes to get a horse there and for them to go out there and give you everything and to go out and win and just made me really proud of that is a special win and Marshall Allen is a very special person. And again, if you missed the first half of the program, our conversation about him essentially saving a life of an owner on the backside of Churchill downs last year, Marshall's very humble, but he was very gracious and telling us that story here tonight and Marshall really want to thank you for your time and it's been a delight to hear your story. Thank you for everything you do. And I know you don't consider yourself a hero, but so many of us on the outside looking in certainly do. So thanks for being there, my friend. Well, thank you for having me. All right, that's Marshall Allen. Here on trainer talk presented by phasic tip and again, if you missed any portion head to our website, horse racing radio dot net to check out the podcast. You can also do that now on Apple podcast pod.

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