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Commissioner, Dr Scott Gottlieb, giving his assessment of the latest numbers surrounding the Corona virus pandemic. There's been a fairly persistent level of infection, hospitalizations and deaths. Over the last couple of weeks, we've had over 1000 deaths a day for at least two weeks now over 50,000 infections a day. On average. We hit 55,000 in the last day. Hospitalizations have come down a little bit, but they haven't really started to decline very rapidly and on the pandemics movement. What's happening is as the cases start to decline in the Southern states, Arizona, Texas, Florida. We're starting to see infections pick up in other parts of the country. California's still increasing, really the only state that seems to have come down quite a bit of the epidemic. Sunbelt states is Arizona, Dr Gottlieb on CBS has face the nation. I was Governor Kim rentals asking the federal government for nearly $4 billion to recover from an unusual wind storm that hit the state last Monday, killing at least three, leaving thousands without power and extensively damaging crops. The United Arab Emirates now just the third country in the Middle East, to officially established diplomatic ties with Israel, a new agreement brokered by the Trump White House. Receiving praise around the world, and it will put a pause on Israeli plans for the annexation of the West Bank. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this piece unites moderate two of the most advanced economies in the world is well in the United Arab Emirates and two of the most moderate. We're fighting Iran and the radical Radicals who are trying to overthrow the entire order in the Middle East. The prime minister on Fox's America's news headquarters. Texas Army National Guard Soldier has died during a training exercise at Fort Hood, 36 year old Bradley more died Thursday during land navigation training. Foul play is not suspected, and the death remains on her investigation. I'm Paul Stevens..

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