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We're going to know a lot about this Broncos team after Sunday because they've played some of the best teams in the National Football League. The Tennessee Titans Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And then the Kansas City Chiefs. Well, let's see how they work against the team. Basically on the same level that they are great defense and on a young offense with a with a young quarterback, So I think this is going to be a great test for this team. And what'd you lock in? The offense looks like it off with defense and if they can continue that play that they had against the chief, so it's going to be I think I'm interested to see what this team looks like on Sunday, So let me ask you guys from the perspective of Mile high report and some of the reaction you guys have received from fans. I kind of laid it out there at the beginning about how we kind of have the bit of the extremes. Do you feel like it's leaning Mohr towards the people freaking out, and you guys were having to do a lot more of the stay calm. We're you know, this is a process We knew this was gonna be a process. Do you feel like it's a lot more people freaking out, or do you think there are some reasonable fans out there? Because I'd say I see a lot more of the it's It's all terrible. You got all tear it all down. You got. I mean that I see a lot more of that than I do reasonable. It's interesting because over the course of the whole Paxton Lynch Trevor Simeon thing On Mile high report. It was It was horrible, like you didn't even want to get into the comment section. Now I'm seeing Mohr of Let's just be calm. Be patient. That's basically the consensus that I'm seeing in the comment section for Mile High report where I'm seeing people freaking out social media, which is not to be unexpected, because that's what you do on Social media. But I That's where I see it. I see Mile high report, especially in the comment section, being more calm and realizing that it's gonna take time. Let's be patient. We don't need to blow it up. It's not It's not a one game season. It's 10 games left in the season. Let's see what this team looks like, over the course of the remainder of the year, including drool. It's not about one game. It's not about coming out and beating the chief. Yes, they wanted them to look better, but they're not freaking out. It's the social media where you're seeing the freak out, at least from my perspective. I asked Daniel Popper, the athletic this question I asked to you fill in the blank on these two the Chargers win. If what the Broncos win, If what I think the Chargers when if Philip Lindsay doesn't play. Um That might be a little bit too simplistic. But I think the blocos offense has to find a way to contain Melvin Ingram and Joy both so they need to make sure that those two guys don't blow up. You are And then I think defensively, it's the offense scores touchdown. They do what they did against the Patriots, but instead of settling for field goals, they score touchdowns. You said very simply if Philip Lindsay doesn't play is that kind of an indictment on Melvin Gordon from you? I think it is upon it is abundantly clear, at least to me that Philip Lindsey is the heart and soul of the offense. When he is going, he's plain. It gets the entire offense under the game. He he Is just he sees and he sees hole. He makes cuts. He's able TTO to do things that no woman Gordon isn't and he doesn't fumble the football. I think that's the biggest thing. That is my problem with Morgan Gordon. And I'm not. I mean, obviously, Philip Lindsay isn't gonna determine whether or not they want to lose this game. But I just think he's that important just because off the fact that he is the heart and soul, this is the offense in my mind, and I think that the offense is better when he's on the field. Okay. That's fair. What happens if Tim Patrick doesn't play? What does that do for what you'd like to see on the offense? Cy the ball? What do you think they're going to do to supplement his production? I hope that would mean that Pat Shurmur finally gets away from one and three wide receivers such and gets into running too tight and sets because the offense has more success. In that scenario, Jeff Legwand has laid it out. Basically since the start of the season, so that would be my hope. Obviously, you want Patrick on the field, even if 10 Patrick's on the field, stopped running the three wide receiver set and go to the too tight end or even three tight inside. Get Albert Albert Wait Nam onto the field with no offense at the same time. That's where you can take advantage of defense is when you have two athletic tight ends. Who could be mismatches for the defense? That's what I'd like to see if Tim Patrick doesn't play. Score. Prediction. I'm going 24 21 Broncos. There it go like that, like that a lot. And so I guess that means villains He's playing Then in that case Even if he doesn't get onto the field as much as We would all he would like. I think he is gonna suit up and he's going to be on the field that can help that. That will allow him to at least give some of that energy that he gives everyone else on the roster, especially When he's on the field, and I think that's going to be contagious. So I I do think that the Broncos, which is what's interesting to me is that there are three point underdog at home. It's just fascinating to me. But I do think the Broncos. We're going to come out with a 20 for 21 win No, like Ian, Thank you so much for the time. We really appreciate it. Thank God. All right, then. Say Claire from Mile high report Checking out on Twitter at Ian ST Clare. Yeah, that that statement there. Philip Lindsay. I don't disagree. Philip Lindsay. Is that kind of weapon for this team? He is that kind of impact on the offense. You and I talked about it earlier this week that at this point, you kind of just have to acknowledge with not only the statistical production, but just the the eye test to see what Philip Lindsay does for that offense. I I'm 100% with him. But I also think that that Melvin Gordon There's still something else there. I don't know why he is. I mean the fumbles. We already knew there was a possibility because he's had problems in the past. But I still think that he offers something at least more than what Royce Freeman does. And I'm not saying I'm want Melvin Gordon not involved anymore. Rice. I see a lot more of that on social media of like, Get rid of this guy. He's not really fitting this team. He's Hurting us. Mourn helping? Yeah, I know You don't want that..

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