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Seven Lisa Jaffe I'm Rick fansites editing the news Jeremy greater vice president Mike pence has just landed at JBLM he is here to meet with governor Jay Inslee to discuss the corona virus outbreak they will be holding a news conference and we will carry that for you at five o'clock king county now reporting its tenth cove ID nineteen death which brings the state's total to eleven the others in Snohomish county the state ramping up corona virus testing efforts with new equipment arriving at the state lab one of Sweden's chart top being hip hop artist who's won eight Grammys is now here in America opening up about a very personal journey in his new memoir a drop of midnight joining us on the company's line is Jason Timbuktu jockey takes and Jason let's talk about your book in that you describe how being born to interracial parents in Sweden it left you searching for your identity you called it a no man's land what do you mean by that I don't a large portion of my of my life that I'm living in an in between you know I'm going to an African American father and a white American mother in Sweden so I never felt entirely American and I didn't feel entirely Swedish I never felt entirely black and I knew I definitely wasn't quite and from a young age hi I would just want to you know what what am I like who are my people and those questions you know and carrying those throughout life is what led me to need to kind of map it all out and right a drop of midnight it's kind of my search for completion the way it plays out in the book is that I start asking my father to tell me more about my grandfather and my grandmother people that I met they died when I was quite young but that I never really known what did you discover about your roots by doing this digging into your parents and their struggles and your past that surprised you the completion that I landed on in writing the book and searching for the story that searching for the answers was really that in fact instead of saying that I am craft this are half that is a whole bunch of have I actually could just magically changes the fan I'm both I'm told me this an American crime both black and white and writing the book also clarified a lot of things for me it really shone the light on my privilege and I growing up black or brown increasing that the conference was struck constant reminder of of your otherness you know so I never really thought of myself as somebody was privileged if anything I thought of myself as somebody who's under privileged but looking at my relatives and my ancestors lives and what they came from and and the poverty that they came from and the enslavement that they came from really shone the light on my own privilege which really opened up the door of deep gratitude to see these kind of all the sacrifices over all these generations that it's taken to get me here where I can be born in a country that despite its kind of ethnic homogeneity you know it has free healthcare free education is very safe you know I'm the most privileged person to be born and in my entire family's history and all those Grammy awards that that gives comfortable age as well what did hip hop music to give you a sense of belonging hip hop music I discovered it at you know the age of like thirteen fourteen years old it really was the first time that I really felt a strong kind of sense of pride in the color of my skin you know seeing and hearing these rappers with their messages and gets beat status Drury and magnetically just made me feel like you know this is who I am they're speaking for me they're telling my story to an Oscar really gave me a sense of identity and I've I've worked with with hip hop music ever since and also going on what thirty one years now and it's really been Guiding Light it's been like a a big sister big brother it's been my north star basically well the book is called a drop of midnight J. sentiment to Jackie thank you so much for being with us thank you for having me and unfortunately Jason's event tonight that was scheduled at the national Nordic museum has been postponed got a feeling it has to do with yeah what's going on the L. three fifty Kamel propellant Sharon's update money update here and certainly the the virus impacting once again the market rob Smith is that Seattle business magazine Nordstrom today announces twenty twenty five human rights goals focused on empowering women among other things the Seattle retailers goal is to have ninety percent of north for made products produced in factories that invest in women's empowerment it will also invest in organizations within the company's global supply chain the create training and resources aimed at women Amazon's third party sellers are facing massive inventory shortages due to the corona virus production in China has slowed since the outbreak and merchants are dealing with a backlog of unfilled shipments that continues to grow the Dow tumbled nine hundred sixty nine points on a day that California declared a state of emergency due to the.

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