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Don't like about being a parent rolled into one big ball of fun. What fresh hell. Laughing in the face of motherhood. Swiss cheesy with margaret. Abel's and amy wilson. I've had a lot of jobs. Podcast that solves today's parenting dilemmas. So you don't have to across the railroad tracks down the road. Hello everyone welcome to this episode. Of what fresh hell laughing. In the face of motherhood this is margaret and this is and this week we are talking about the mom that covid for better and worse sometimes both for better and worse. I do want to say for better and worse because there's been good and some bad some happy and some sad amy. Yes this topic came to us from kristen howard tan who is a fellow parenting writer. Podcast her and she wrote an article for the new york times called. I hate them on. The cove has made me got a lot of attention and my loved it. I'm no link to it in our show notes. And i thought that this would make a good topic and so we went to our facebook group like we always do facebook dot com for slash. What fresh hell cast asked you guys. How has the pandemic actually changed you as a parent and we got of course some great answers like we always do always still before we dive into that. Amy we are going to start a new little segment on the podcast today. Are you excited citing. Yes always fun avenue segment. it's called mailbag. We're going to read a male a male. Not a thing a letter. It's not a letter either though really formalist in are a collection of bits and bites listener. Didn't i set up this new segment. Inflaming people must be so intrigued. Now amy open the mailbag. Tell me what we have inside this week. We have listener mail from lee. Lee says i've been listening to your show since the very beginning. And i feel like i'm listening to good friends at this point. Thanks for keeping me going during the pandemic your real talk me feel seen and not alone during this hard year as a parent. Thank you so much lead. That's exactly what we hope to be doing. We would like you to leave us a review on apple podcasts. Mostly we want you to leave us a review. That says we're awesome if you think we stink. Maybe don't get around to the store or you can email us at info at what. Fresh hell podcast..

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