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Land Rover above and beyond these two of ten minutes. Get those these questions in g tweet that out yet tweet it out. You're supposed to do an hour beforehand. We have time to get the right question. Ten minutes before you don't own me. Can we play that again, please? Well, let's coming up. Put that up. Yeah. Last Friday transfer. We were just playing whatever came up on YouTube, and we ended up in The Lion King. We now go from Goldie Hawn to we are the world on a day before thanksgiving on the morning show. Travis Travis just let it go. Here. We go. Yeah. Little part. Morning. We had the conversation during the break about Goldie Hawn, and like what her most famous movies, and we had six or seven different. 'cause he's had an amazing she'd we all know who she is. We all know that she's famous invented a bunch of movies, but there's not the definitive Goldie Hawn movie. Is there I thought it was first wives club until you guys. Look that with his blank stare in your face. Chris you're I I had no clue. I mean, I knew obviously she was a celebrity who was she married to. She was Gibson is in. No rush. Russ russell. Yeah. There. Kurt Russell in in Mel Gibson. The same thing do Kurt Russell a meltdown like old mill. All right. Listen, I didn't say exact. But the careers, very similar just asking just. Just. So LeBron is going back to Cleveland tonight. The the the game itself is interesting only because he's returning to his old team. The Cavs are the worst team in the league legs have been playing really well of late any even think that the drama you can even call it that about him going back isn't even interesting in the sense that it's just gonna feel like a coronation. Just hey, thanks for everything. There's no animosity. He didn't leave under bitter circumstances. The way he did the first time he'd left on the heels of four finals appearances of a championship for the first time that city's history, and I don't know what it was fifty some odd years built the school lived an exemplary life was an exemplary citizen that he's going to come in. If it's anything other than thank you so much where everything's done for us. They're doing it wrong. Yeah. Yeah. But there's also the case of he was a free agent any left, and there'll be people who still be upset about that part. Even though he did a lot of great things as you mentioned. You listening. Off both the franchise. He's got the I two. The color around east. I don't have a cough button fair a reasonable point. The white guy on. The black guy hold it. Turn turn my head over my face and coughing quarter somewhere you get a button gonna do did. Jesse jackson. Taking movement. No. So when you look at the franchise, you look at the city, obviously, they're very few figures in that city in that state's history as important as LeBron James, and I'm not just saying it from sports perspective, he impacts, the finances of a major city. Sure state. So as he goes the city goes, so he's an essential. He's an essential figure. But with that being said fans is short for NAT. And there were still people. They're still fans who feel the hometown kid left again, and he left for LA of all places. So you from Akron, you're from the mid west and all those things that represents and you leave all that for the lights and cameras and action and beaches and glamour of LA is like a rejection of the lifestyle, and what it means to be a mid westerner. So there will be people still will take offence there may be some people who were Buni outside. But I think on the inside inside that stadium inside. A Q. I think you'll get way more. Cheers. Oh, yeah. I I wouldn't be surprised to see people tripping. I think that there's an element to this too that it's the second time he's left. So I think that the hurt is gone. They got it all out the first time that this was he came home, and he made it, right? Had he spent his entire career in Cleveland. And and then decided at this point, let's say that those four years he was in Miami never happened that he just stayed in Cleveland..

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