Douglas County, Chief Meteorologist, Jared Handy discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


A friend crews have used poles and shovels and blood hounds in recent days in an area in southern Douglas county meanwhile the family can only wait and hope David Hale KO a news snow is winding down the sorting yet another storm could be moving in as of tomorrow that says says box thirty one chief meteorologist a freighter our intention now shifts to Wednesday this chance for snow is looking a little better as far as it relates to accumulation and the reason is it looks colder we're only going to get a high of about twenty nine degrees on Wednesday and we think light snow that will develop as we go through the morning and into the afternoon and then of course once the sun sets even though you don't see the sun will start to get the accumulation going somewhere is the metric to get up to four inches of snow late Wednesday and early Thursday still snow on the ground this morning from our last storm you can encounter some slick spots on the roads as you head back to work see dot spokesman Jared handy has some tips that you may want to take four or that you are taking for granted this winter season you always want to consider it always drive slowly reduce your speed do not follow the car's front of you or your follow too closely files out there you certainly do not want to pass any plows and certainly want to make your car is prepare for winter conditions as much as possible including a proper tires to snow scraper other necessary items also wiper fluid that's important on a day like today the Colorado department transportation C. dot is trying to explain why it closed a lane of I twenty five south as hockey fans were trying to get into Saturday's NHL stadium series game at the airforce academy see that says that it originally had no plans for.

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