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Thirty this morning komo's tammy matassa live we're neighbors have been forced out of their own homes for hours now cami morgan just a few minutes ago we heard what sounded like gunshots and then medic units rushing towards the house and you can see it right now behind me now this standoff has been going on for several hours now in homeowners watch their home destroyed all because a suspect was barricaded inside the home here on twenty nine th avenue south bangs and flashing lights took over this quiet street while police and swat teams have been trying to get a hit and run suspect holed up inside a stranger's house homeowners watched as their homeless shot at ram by swat trucks and caught fire during the tense standoff federal way police say the suspect had been involved in a hidden run crash at military road and two hundred eighty second south witnesses say he ran away and came to this street a woman says the suspect i try to break into her house and her sixteen year old son came face to face with the suspect so he called police the suspect than broke into the homeowners across the street where he's still refusing to leave a scarce i don't wanna leave a house now i mean i can't leave my kids in broad daylight at home by themselves there should be the guy is charterhouse right now and now the swat teams here we don't know anything other but or more importantly worried about our sisters cats in the house when we don't care about anything else we do whatever else cleave is getting and back out here live you can see the medic units here on twenty eighth avenue south we're still waiting to find out if there is.

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