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Denise why do you not so well it by the way it was me? It's been following Denise Richards around so we can get to the we can just like let's get to the bottom of it right now. I have apologized. There's no more I can do as never had a fight in a limo. Denise yes no has June ever competed with another woman for the same Guy Denise Yes to all right thank you right Tony. Legend thirty two real tweeted June. What's going on with filming the final season of grace and Franky? Are we finally going to get a Dolly PARTON CAMEO? I don't know about Dolly but we did have to stop filming because of Corona Virus spoke. You know we are still meeting on. Zoom calls every couple of weeks to say hello to each other. We did a table read the other day and Lily. Tomlin just got up and left to grab a delivery in the middle of it and then came back with her food so I mean amazing. Things are happening at and it's been pretty incredible Chris Harnik tweeted denise. What did you make the viewer reaction to your now iconic moment of you smirking? At the end of the Premiere episode. I was actually quite surprised by the reaction from fans of the show so I gladly instead of the other way June K. Maryland wants to know how the Jane Club is doing during this pandemic. Gosh it's IT'S. It's been incredible. We've temporarily closed our LA space. But we've moved the entire village online so the past three weeks we've added. Jane's and members from Sixteen states and. Wow It's been incredible so we all sign on and we do morning workouts together daily. Meditations real estate estate planning at night There's kids for little music for toddlers big talent shows. It's just been this incredible. It's a weirdly the Radovan unity or reach digitally. He honestly needed more than ever right. Now Right Denise. Tell me about the quantum reach foundation. Because that's you and errands you're very involved right. Yeah just this past fall analyze everything in its research education or children's animal health and very fortunate that means resources to help our youngest daughter Not just virtual North Finding Needs for helping to be back for children at an Melson Excited it and it's been great during this time to yellow to put the other programs. That's awesome that is great work it is time for tonight's moment of muzzle. It's easy to let these tough times. Get you down. But there's a woman down in Dallas doesn't give a rep so here to give us some much needed good vibes. It's mom while Andy is molly. I'm telling you being in this quarantine. He's made my way Tartan Gray..

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