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Well i'm not i'm a diehard cubs fan but it's on my list i have been to almost every baseball park in major league baseball but i have not been to a home game in oakland and i know that when i'm getting ready to go see it and i'm ready to get some tickets i'm gonna use seatgeek do you realize mr fidel that i actively cut as many baseball references podcasts can't somehow you've wielded in because i can't cut this because it's an ad we literally need to do it to fulfill sponsorship obligations and you want to spend that time talking about your list of baseball stadiums that you want to go to mr hahn i cannot be the only person out here who listens to the hoop collective who also has an affinity for baseball it's still there for me i love those sports but absolutely when i'm going to say gave i'm gonna hit seatgeek is i know it's going to save me time and i know every time that i go on the app it checks every seat it grades all the tickets to make sure that i can be in my price range it's not going to be as is our boy brian but definitely higher than old band so we'll see and i know that they'll guarantee everything i do on there and no matter what i what no matter what decision i make so that is key i know i'm not walking up to the park with a fake ticket.

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