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The road, then thirty years from now, your, your kids or grandkids driving on the road. They're, they're not they're getting for free. You know they're not paying for it. They need to pay interest in money in bonds and stuff, and I'm like, wow. So you're the guy and he's like, what I know you're the guy that's keeping me from getting. Flying car. I'm going, it's got thirty years and financing of freaking roads all the time. And I'm just so this is your debt, you're obligating us to future, and then I'm always like, where's my flying car without government? I would be George Jetson already and live in frigging Bangladesh. So I this is just get the freak out of the way. Well, it's all this government stuff that's hold back, brother. So how is it that you're you came to this conclusion and become a libertarian adapt? Well, I guess I've always been in the words of one of my heroes, h l Mencken somewhat condemnation. Meaning I always questioned in instinctively disliked thority, particularly, when thority insists that it has the right to Lord itself over me, just because it is already, I don't like that idea. And so I began to gravitate towards libertarian writers, including guys, like Albertine knock, and then can. And of course, Spooner. And got heavily immersed and all of that. And then. Know about these guys I count them. I've always been one of those kinds of guys who read widely. I you know, I loved going to the library when I was a kid and my parents, give me the link. I mean, how did you all of a sudden, I'm reading I'm reading making I'm reading I'm reading Spooner. Hell is that happened? Well, I think I stumbled on it. I can't remember exactly when I came across knocking Menken. I was young, probably twelve or thirteen years old. When I first began to read them clicked, and, you know, once you were exposed to that, once once that Colonel comes to life inside your mind. You want more. Right. So unlearn the truth. Yeah, exactly. You get red tilled, and I have to give my parents turtle credit for giving me at home. What amounted to what they used to sell the classical liberal education, meaning to teach a kid to think, not wrote numbers ation and regurgitation. But to think that's what they. To do. Now. It's about rote memorization and regurgitation. George Carlin, man. They don't want critical vacant. We don't remember what he said, what was wanted are obedient workers. And that's exactly correct. This is I am I speak on this. It was just last week or something, we were doing a show talk about politics and whatever, and I'm like, I just can't muster up. I mean I we do a lot. I've run for office a lot. I've run for congress, a few times, US Senate against McCain, you know, run for. Secretary of state twice state-led. I mean, I'm a Butthead do then filed suit when they do some stupid thing or libertarian activist for thirty years, the thing is, and then I get on the radio fifteen years ago and just start telling let me tell you a story about. So this is being. Big thing like you're not voting since. Oh to do that. I've go campaign and I vote would signs and I'm by but I'm just like, I'm not going to select my oppressor and their thing is what wouldn't aren't you? Glad Trump's there, isn't that better than Hillary. And I'm going, they didn't give me my option. I didn't get by option of not being ruled that was not on my option. Okay. So I just don't care. So then it's so I understand. And we're entertained by Trump and, and it takes that kind of tactic. It seems to be able to break through all his crap..

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