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Komo's Keith Eldridge explains. The challenges each year easily passes the house of representatives only to get stuck in the state Senate, the chair of the Senate committee handling this issue. Senator Jamie Peterson tells me he's all in favor of going after sex offenders. But once the survivors to report is quick. As they can. And not have the time be open ended. We want to encourage victims to come forward while they can still get Justice while it's still practical for prosecutors to be able to gather the evidence. And so a compromise is in the works. I've talked to sexual assaults and they're saying if we can get a win. Let's get the win because it's their Bill. It's not my Bill. Eight Olympia, Keith Eldridge. Komo news house committee members will soon vote on the Bill for a total elimination of the statute of limitations. The Senate compromise version awaits a hearing date state lawmaker says the death penalty abolished in Washington last year should be reinstated for murders committed behind bars. Komo's Corwin Hake with details. Republican state Senator Keith Wagner of cedar Willie is inspired by a crime committed in his district. Byron sheriff already serving life in prison at the Monroe correctional complex murdered corrections. Officer Jamie Bendall in twenty eleven sheriff spent five years on death row. Then last fall, the state supreme court struck down the state's death penalty, calling it arbitrary. And racially biased to States Supreme Court decision today. We'll stand is a beacon for equal Justice in the state of Washington governor Inslee last November the high court commuted sheriff's death sentence to life without parole. Wagner says that's not right. He tells the Everett herald his Bill would restore capital punishment as an option for prosecutors in cases where an inmate is charged with aggravated first degree murder. The Bill faces an uphill battle state. Senator Jamie Peterson democrat from Seattle is chair of the Senate law and Justice committee. He says he will not grant Wagner's Bill. A hearing Corwin Hake. Komo news coming up on KOMO. He's going to film school. Thanks to silent. Bob. I'm Brian Calvert. With the local moviemaker who will be a clerk no longer. I update on. Komo AAA traffic every ten minutes on the fours. The latest now from marina Rockinger. I wish we could keep a like this way at this way. Always work. What are you saying? It looks great. I mean, we don't have any blocking problems other than of course, the closure of the viaduct, but we are looking good. Don't have any crashes reported in volume very very light. I even took a look at the passes, and we don't have any trouble or restrictions on either Stevens pass or Snoqualmie pass. This look at traffic is brought to you by discover get your free credit.

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