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Hair's probably You're gonna have to give him a raise, right? He came back to you on a discounted deal. He's not gonna do that. Two years in a row. You're probably gonna have to pay him upwards of $9 million. Just looking at similar players who have recently signed for agent deals. It's going to be about nine million and that might even be conservative. And then Philip Lindsay. Is probably about Would you say the same prices Melvin Gordon, eight million Never take For argument's sake. Let's say Simmons is 15 million. Von is 11. Shelby Harris, nine and Lindsay, eight. That's what Let's say That's what it will cost to bring those guys back. If you bring in if you're going to save room for a friend for a veteran quarterback that has signed a second contract. Lucrative one like Dat Garoppolo, Matt Ryan. Went Matthew Stafford again, who you want is a relevant to this discussion. If you want a franchise one of these franchise quarterbacks or veteran quarterbacks issue and save franchise, because why're the other team's laying them go, But These veteran quarterbacks. You want to bring him one of these veteran quarterback? Right now that takes all of your cap space. So you can't sign Simmons. You can't sign Miller. You can't sign here. She can't Stein Lindsay. You can sign none of them. Okay, So now you're gonna have to create some room if you're George Payton. So Now you have to look at guys who were on the team that are making a significant amount of money that you could cut. Okay, so I'll probably this out. The way I see it, and then you guys can respond the way that you would do it. So I say, Matthew Stafford, that would be at the top of my list. If I'm George Payton. Okay, so Matthew Stafford takes up all my cap space. I want to bring back Justine Simons. And I at the moment, want to bring back von Miller? Hey, what for now? Say that the investigation going on with Parker Police doesn't lead to any charges or anything like that. Let's say it is what it is now. Little bit of a distraction. Not a great look. But it doesn't rise to the level of any criminality. Because if it does, then it may be an easy decision for the Broncos toe, let to sever ties. With von Miller. I think we can all agree. Justine Simons. Is the guy number one guy you bring back Other guys we made debate, but I think we're all on the same page that in in an ideal world, Justine Simmons will be back put the Denver Broncos Okay, so I'll say Justine Simons and von Miller. Don't. I would like Jobe Harris back, but I don't know that I can make the money work. And here's why So if I just bring back Simmons and Miller And set aside the money for one of these veteran quarterbacks. That is $16 million over the cap. That George paint would be Have Karine Jackson, who makes 10 Who would know who you would save 10 Million. If you cut Kareem Jackson. You would save 12 Million if you cut, General Casey. You save 11 Million if you cut a J boy, and you would save seven million if you come, Bryce Callahan. Looked into Juwan James, because that was a guy like Whoa. Just cut you want James. His dead cap number is actually higher than his actual cap number, so he not being cut. Hey. And we're not talking about trading were just talking about how now cutting you gotta eat whatever salary you gotta eat. But I look, I did the research, Jack cutting Kareem Jackson. Safety 10 cutting General Casey saved you, 12 cutting a J boy saves you 11 and cutting Bryce Callahan saves you seven. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to set aside the money for Matthew Stafford. I'm going to bring back Justine Simons and von Miller. A first. That's first bring them back. Those are my two top priorities. I bring them back. That makes 26 million that I have to account for so I cut Kareem Jackson. Cut Kareem Jackson. I cut General Casey and I cut Bryce Callahan. I keep a J boy. That gives me about $3 million to spare. Then maybe I can look in other directions to try and free up some money to try and keep Shelby Herring. But the point of all of this is to say that if George Payton wants to go get a veteran quarterback there are going to be some guys that are gonna have to be cut. Because the Broncos won't have enough money to sign Justine Simons to keep von Miller to keep Shelby heirs to keep Phillip Lindsay to keep General Casey and cream Jackson They can't keep the band together if they want to bring in a veteran quarterback. So to make it easy, I says, side the money for Stafford. I bring back Simmons and von I cut cream Jackson, General Casey and Bryce Callahan and keep a J boy. And I pray that Patrick's entertained from Alabama is available to me when I am on the clock. Because that to me is the number one corner back and get him Param with AJ boy, eh? Give O. J. Moody a another shot as more of a slot corner. Maybe I.

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