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Be able to hang out with them and meet them, you know it was. It was beautiful. It was. I agree you know make a donation, look look any rescues up in. Your area listen. If you, could if, you could give two bucks gift two bucks v give two hundred give two hundred I mean you. Know there's ways of rescuing without. Actually being out there on the front line and that's the donation process so keep that in mind, guys so another, thing I wanted to talk about was just all the vendors shoots again too many dimension. But you know some of the standouts for us right off the bat once again. Keller's 'cause I can't. I can't stop. Talking about We love you, guys goodness yeah and your dogs I mean just such a special there was a Stacey. At the CS UCA the I'm sorry stupid me yes yes VCA we interviewed. Them as. Well at the Czechoslovakian Vic. Club what else was there Anthony what was next their Rinaldo Rinaldo. Web at the pet plate. He's chef, he makes food for dogs there was Vanessa. Grimes at noble. On it was a pet spray the get urine stains out. I mean Sean and his dad over. A cure pet they were great they were talking about the CBD and the benefits. Of, it we're going to talk more with Shauna he's going to be. Hopefully he's going to be. A future guest on our show, definitely you know him and his dad were doing a great job, yet Susan, trial, over Royal animals this one. Stood out, for me Jared pew at martial, arts. A., r. f. like. Frank s, jeez this guy man. This guy tell you briefly he just he just Combines martial arts training? Into, dog training where you know you're he's because this guy used. To be. A ex MMA martial arts. Instructor so he took that knowledge and put it into dogs and. We got interview with him. To I don't want to say too much because I. Want you to. See the interview he could tell it a lot better than. Us but what do you see this. Dude I mean this guy is so ripped so shredded so physical let's I would. Cut, off a painting to look like this guy for day I mean. Seriously I mean nothing but. I mean if anybody knows something, about physical fitness it's it's Jerry over there at my cut off, I would, cut, off both pinkies to look. Like Jerry's yeah yeah Yeah Guys to see our interview with. Him because when you see, this the height difference alone with you're the one who interviewed. Him my dad interviewed him and and just the. Difference Absolutely hysterical and then he talks and again nicest guy in the world just, like you know it's hysterical because he's standing there where like. Side by side we look, like his two lackeys Yeah It looked like you, say I normally don't hang out with these, guys but, yeah you, know different pet. Life they're. Cool Shutouts jars thanks for giving us the view also last but not least. On our vendors here was Chris Rubin? And his wife hogs. For pause, and the, Allama the Latin, American motorcycle association man where do you begin. With, these guys just doing so much they sponsored. They, rose their motorcycles in. They donated the motorcycle ride, to adoption, centres Chris thank you so much for. Talking to us, sorry. We couldn't talk more, we, were just. So busy but yeah we, love what these guys are doing they're so, passionate everybody, there was, so passionate ten. Aka tank I mean he's got orders. These, guys are hardly dudes man I mean you. Know, I mean the thing. Is too with them is, if you, haven't met me in my father before. We're we're about, five. Six if we're wearing, high, heel shoes So Yeah. Exactly so we're a little bit on the small side so I was hanging out with the guys about as much as I possibly. Could you, know not that anything would hop off at this expo, because, again everybody was so, kind but you, know those are the, guys it's kind of guys that guys like me and my dad gravitate, to you, know for protection. Protection. Exactly A, lot safer, hanging around with. Them Every time you. Passed anytime I felt a little intimidated I just kinda ran over to Chris's booth Speakers Chris how're you doing you guys still good He's been. A. Whole, five minutes everything everything everything still okay Still still friends yeah we still friends Chris I hope so but it really..

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