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Yours on thursday's average one pm till one fifteen or so okay i'll take get is that are that is unless you get a phone call and you get a better offer some extra minutes pay i didn't i do my interview with you would i was like a hospital do let's hennick volumes aitor bocac so little it really did i'm not gonna lie to you we would even do that for our show burial about so far they earlier bosses love hearing though rodman they don't listen robin eludes nomo halwa talks we about amazonia amazon cloud cam right so the cloud care is part of amazon key which is there you lock in camera system that let's delivery folks put packages in your door for you so there's two issues with any delivery service and i know amazon these are the pain points for them the last couple of years one is that the person isn't home so in some cases you can't deliver it depends on if you've authorize it with a signature and so on but if the person's on hold sometimes they got to take the package back that's a whole headache the second problem is theft right you leave you leave a package on someone's door from ever on or somewhere else and it could go mysteriously missing so this new service which was unveiled today and rolling out in thirty eight states as of november the eighth it's called amazon key and it is a twopart system so it's the karer that you mention shannon so you can video stream so you can see the person who who've you've approve to come in your home and drop off your package and then there's a lock system that works with the mobile device that they've got so the idea is you are letting them you're trusting amazon put the packages in your door for you so this is ideal for those to do a lot of online shopping maybe you're small businesses well you're not.

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