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If you could start to understand what those parameters are like and then you can kraft a plan to start to answer whatever the biggest questions that are going to help you size up that market start to understand more of the ethnographic side of it or if it's something where there's a really big technical risk you may at this point also start to get askar engineers to help so that's one thing i think i haven't mentioned yet is when i do this kind of exercise i love for it to have a product manager a designer an engineer and any stakeholders maybe a merchandiser business manager marketing person whoever knows things about this all their sometimes i think we have this conversations with just the products people are just the product and design people but i think if you bring in you know at least your leadership of engineering as well uh they're going to help you think through things that could be very risk on the technical side and it's going to help them get an earlier understanding of what you're worried about on the business police stars burberry her team in all knowledgeable stakeholders together to brainstorm a list of questions that the need to answer i asked her to share her experiences shutter stock gaining user insights that were surprising one of the times where i learned something surprising to me was actually when answering the research frisco feed which was the business unit though into the closing and the thing that actually was a presence me was we had a sense that the business wasn't doing what we wanted it to do but we also had some very active users so they were know some high frequency users and i needed to understand more about what that was to make sure that we weren't prematurely closing off something.

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