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Volunteers and But just the platform and the voice that you have allows the message to get out not only just sharing it with the listeners today, when I let the listeners know we're talking with Katie Fitzgerald, she's executive. Vice president, chief operating officer for feeding America and I, one of the really cool ways that you are able to sort of mobilize support. Get the word out to everybody is through those partnerships. With with corporations with companies with great, recognizable iconic brands in the restaurant side somewhere greatest food personalities talk a little bit about that. If you want to recognize I've seen some of the commercials, we've seen it with with the CEO ways that you're kind of allowing them to mobilizing and get involved in support. Yes, What's really beautiful about the feeding America and network in the mission is that it just attracts people from And companies and organizations from all walks of life, and it's something that we all can relate to, and understand. Right today of all days, everyone hopefully a lot of your listeners are all coming together to the best that we can in this pandemic to share a meal, and we understand how important food is. Food is love. Food is nourishment. Food is what we need to be able to get up and go to work the next day, and so We have enjoyed so much support from the retail industry from manufacturers, in fact, is, you probably know our whole business model is built on Joan needed food, and so From American farmers from the U. S. Government and state governments, who throughout this pandemic at the state level deployed National Guard troops to help support distribution. The U. S D a get it has provided additional funding and we hope will continue to provide additional funding to support Americans of this time. And then, of course, Everyday folks, right people who are making donations and, you know, helping support their local food banks or feeding America because it's just something every one of us can do. We know how important food is, and we can all play a part, so it's been wonderful to see. So many companies and people wanting to stand in the gap for their neighbors right now, during this really difficult today is Thanksgiving the day when we're all kind of thinking and talking about food, But it's the start of what is the holiday season and a bunch of Different holidays and and ways that families can come together, celebrating whatever ways they can with food. Food is is going to be on the front burner, so to speak in a bunch of different ways. And so, Katie talk a little bit about that. Whether it's you know whether it is great, Cos You know what we've got here in our listening audience or or celebrity chefs are personalized or just your average everyday person that wants to help. How can people Get involved in. How can people support what's going on? So yeah, so there's so many ways to get involved. And from the smallest act too. You know, however far people wanna go. So, um You know, the first thing I would say, of course, is if you're in a position to give something, and I'll talk about what those things could be, you know, Think about that. Think what you.

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