Donald Trump, Rod Blagojevich, Martha Stewart discussed on The Steve Cochran Show


The flu in bed gosh i literally have one of those masks to their from the doctor's office today yes they're everywhere they have those masks on oh god it's time for the headlines and andre is here with that and then joining us here just a couple of minutes charles johnson community strategist as well it's cool project we want you to know about how about that for teeth i here's under president trump said yesterday he's considering commuting the sentence of former governor rod blagojevich who was convicted of corruption and pardoning a lifestyle entrepeneurship martha stewart who also served in federal prison after being convicted of charges related to a stock sale hours earlier trump said on twitter he would pardon deneche desouza conservative commentator and obama critic who pleaded guilty to campaign finance ride and then of course later on thursday the they had pardon had been granted also the body of a teenage girl who was seen lat last last in april has been found on chicago's west side fifteenyearolds dario davis disappeared april twentyseventh when she was last seen leaving her home in the forty two hundred block of west adams street she was found may eleventh in an abandoned building just six blocks away from her west garfield park home autopsy results are pending and a chicago firefighter facing charges after his fourteen year old daughter posted a snapchat photo of herself holding her dad's rifle team also posted the photo with the message quote don't worry i won't shoot up lane referring to lane tech high school the girl's father a sixty year old firefighter has been cited for failing to secure a weapon from a minor and possession of an assault rifle in the city where it is illegal chicago public school thing that no credible threat was found they did investigate but again don't assume your teenagers not an idiot sit down with them.

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