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Have some thematic. Physiques and surgery is indicated. Well i should say that conservatively because the prophylactic the even this procedure is so new that even hell were calling it is somewhat controversial. Some surgeons don't like the name prophylactic because they feel that they are right in that. There's a ready lymphatic injury. Let's say for example nonstop william section than radiation following breast cancer. There is a ready lymphatic injury. Even if the patient is in symptomatic so they prefer to call it immediate lymphatic reconstruction the truth is it is immediate lymphatic reconstruction for a synthetic Injury so is it really prophylactic putting the naming controversy saw. Let's just say this preventive or immediate lymphatic reconstruction so far. I mean this is a new concept however the procedure itself is a new. It's actually based on our extensive experience and expertise that's been developed from third buick super microscope. Lv a and now. We're simply applying this technique earlier before the patient develops some dramatic aziz. So in the way it's a very relatively technically simple procedure Minimally invasive that can be done in less than an hour patient. Wake up having no pain at all and they would say. Have you done anything a deal editing. That's the point the so they're completely comfortable. And based on our data so far and also other groups other surgeons studies these so far or data are highly favourable. It's so favorable dad If a family member is unfortunately in this situation a definitely was highly recommend the this procedure what would disqualify a patient. And i know we're not talking about a specific surgical approach just yet but what is a hard pass or a complete. Contra indication of surgical intervention realized. We asked this question before i didn't answer. You know that's okay. We got off a good tangent. So we'll do a yes and this is very important. I meant to answer this question. And i got up on the attention so In general patient asked. Would i be a search candidate. Nearly every body is a surgical candidate for lymphatic reconstruction has said it's not a second line treatment. Anyone with length of dima should be offered the option of both in my opinion length. Edina therapy and lymph dima surgery the contra indication for length of the surgery. It's not really unique. And this is how i practice other surgeons might be be somewhat different. But in my pride this there is no indication that specific to limited the surgery. Mother theresa says loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty. This podcast is here for you. To find friendship in a community for your journey with lymph edina. I hope you enjoyed hearing from dr chin on surgical interventions for olympia dima part one. Email me with your story. If you'd like to share lymph idioma podcast at jean-michel dot com or visit the website limpid. Yuma podcast dot com to submit a topic for another episode. Thanks again too. Many usa jusoh and brian's feet foundation for being partners with podcasts..

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