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His washing him bosses to listen and act Colson center on Johnston street this is break point as I said in a break point commentary last month gene editing technologies such as crisper and what's being called prime editing are existential threats we have no idea what our attempts to play god with the human genome will unleash on humanity yet we insist on charging ahead despite our imperfect knowledge with unbounded confidence in our abilities coming from a concerned non scientists like me concerns like that can be dismissed as alarmist but what if the concern comes from the director of the National Institute of health turns out that Francis Collins is also concerned in a recent article in discover magazine entitled we must never allow our technology to eclipse our humanity Collins call for a moratorium of at least five years on heritable human gene editing heritable gene editing technologies like prime editing end edit genes that can be passed on to future generations along with any unintended endangers mutations that differs from non heritable gene editing which can be used to treat people with life threatening disorders such as sickle cell disease HIV infections cancer muscular dystrophy the proponents of prime editing talk about the possibility of making quote any kind of DNA change that anyone wants at just about any site in the human genome thus according to Francis Collins scientists and leaders around the globe have an obligation to consider the appropriate use if any of heritable human gene editing this involves scrutinizing the safety of such experiments including the risk of unintended mutations as well as a clear eyed analysis of actual medical need anticipating some objections the NIH director then added that the current arguments that the benefits outweigh the risks are surprisingly on compelling and finally Collins and says that we must weigh the profound social ethical and moral issues associated with modifying the germ line in ways that could change the human species for ever that's good to hear someone as prominent as the director of the national institutes of health voice many of the same concern is that we have at break point but as Wesley J. Smith has pointed out in National Review it's still probably not enough Smith notes that when it comes to the rapid development of the most powerful technologies ever invented crisper germ line gene editing artificial life three parent embryos cloning well the trump administration has been and I'm quoting Smith here derelict for the most part while in I. H. director Colin statement should be applauded it's an exception as Smith states almost leaders higher up the food chain engage that question and more amplified media venues then discover Collins propose moratorium will never happen in some ways as I recently pointed out the Communist Party of China by sentencing doctor he to three years imprisonment for experimenting on fetuses using crisper has demonstrated more commitment to reining in scientific breasts then our own government of course given their track record it be silly to think that Beijing cares at all about human dignity or the sanctity of human life their reaction was almost certainly because doctor he's transgressions portrayed that country in an especially bad light in our country scientists differ from doctor he in only one respect they're a lot more subtle about what they're doing the doctor he was simply put we need much more evidence that those higher up the food chain in this administration care about the issue and are willing to make it a priority for that to happen we have to let them know it's a priority for us gene editing what Smith has called biotech anarchy is among the greatest threats to the sanctity and dignity of human life that we currently face I'll say it again it's an existential threat it's time for Christians and threw them our leaders to treat it like one eight point on Johnston street I'm Jim Tesco with your money now some retailers to market their goods on Amazon aren't always thrilled with the E. commerce giant at a house judiciary antitrust subcommittee hearing today the CEO of phone accessory maker pop sockets complained that Amazon sometimes a strong arm his company to lower its prices and also said the tech giant failed to remove fake products U. 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