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Hit lead off for them. And folks can access like lineups and like box scores through the folly box wars basically if you go to the fall league website and pull up the game day for any one of the folly games in that section of the screen at the top where all the scores would be. They just have all the following scores and all the winter ball scores up there so you can scroll through those and see who's in those leagues and get real-time box updates and stuff. For all the issues that Major League Baseball and minor league baseball have with like getting us stats and like having leaderboards and like an app on your phone that is usable and stuff like there's some stuff that they don't do well this off season winter ball scoreboard is unbelievable and thank you to the people who help put that together and put Dominican games on MLB TV. All right, well, there's a lot of baseball to look forward to, even after Major League Baseball ends and people can read about that on the site. I'm sure you'll be ramping up the prospect lists pretty soon too. And they spend the best of luck with that process. And I'm sure we'll have you back to talk about that and also some of the other prospects stuff we didn't get to today. So thanks as always. My pleasure, thank you so much for having me on and enjoy the World Series, guys. I'm sure I'll see you MiGs been at some folly games, so you're done with all of your postseason stuff, which I know it's a grind for you. Look forward to seeing you out there. All right, a few follow-ups for you here. One, I mentioned earlier that stat about only 8 and two thirds innings pitched on the ASTRO staff this year from pitchers who had an ERA above the major league average. Well, frequent stat last consultant Ryan Nelson was able to confirm that that is a record that the previous low was the 2005 cardinals actually. Speaking of Adam Wainwright, that was his rookie year, and he was one of the few cardinals that year who had an ERA above the MLB average of 4.29. He only threw two innings. There was only 19 and two thirds innings total on that Cardinals roster thrown by pitchers who had an ERA above the MLP average, so this year's Astros more than halved that record. By the way, I should note that that was the record since 1969, the 1942 cardinals had 12 and a third innings pitched from above league average ERA pitchers, and actually I suppose it looks like the all time record 1944 cardinals with 8 innings pitch, but wartime cardinals teams. I think we can disregard we can go with post World War II post integration, et cetera, these Astros do seem to be the record holders. It really does feel like maybe the key to the series for the Phillies is just minimizing the exposure of the bottom half of that pitching staff. The Astros, they can go deep with their pictures, there's not that huge a drop off, but the Phillies, after you get past the top two or even to some extent, top three starters and then your tap two or three relievers, things do head downhill, especially for the lefties. So you may want to have rep Thompson take a page from the Dave Martinez 2019 playbook and just write your best pictures for as high as share of your innings as you can. Joshi and noted that 6 pitchers accounted for 74% of the nationals innings in their 7 game victory over the Astros in 2019, perhaps the Phillies can pull off something similar and have Wheeler and Noah start as often as possible. And on the subject of the Astros, we were talking about how Pete patella was poached by the Giants, well, there was another exodus, as a Campo, leaving the marwin to become the marwyn assistant GM. It's not the first time that he left that organization, but he was their international cross checker. Now he signed a lot of their top international pictures. So when you sign and develop as many good players as the asterisks have, people want your people and then it gets harder to maintain your edge, but they have held it thus far. Also, we were talking about the MLB endorsement deals. I got an email from a company promoting a new report about sponsorships in MLB, sponsor united, which says that sponsor united analyzed thousands of brand partnerships across teams and individual players over the last 12 months, they found that Shohei Ohtani is the most marketable MLB player in recent history with 15 brand deals in 2022, a new record previous record was Aaron judge with 1320 21, judge not even in the top 5 this year. Interestingly, the Cincinnati reds were the most sponsored MLB team with 200 brand deals to the Yankees one 72. Who knew? Maybe reds fans. MLB player endorsements increased 12% year over year, 325 different brands for player endorsements, and MLB teams averaged 108 sponsorships this season. More than any NFL NBA NHL and MLS team. 108 sponsorships. That's a lot. So it doesn't seem to just be our imagination or our biased exposure to baseball baseball really is more money grubbing when it comes to the sort of thing for better or worse. Also, I wanted to correct myself from last time when we were talking about Dave de brewskis career, I credited or I guess debited Jeffrey loria with the Marlins fire sale after 97, of course that was Wayne hyena, who was responsible for that one. I was thinking to myself as I was saying it, make sure you say the right bad Marin's owner. And I said the wrong one anyway and then forgot to go correct myself, loria had his own teardown of the team several years later. Also, I've got a close with the pass blast, but I want to read this email from listener Nicholas, who says amid all the debate about whether baseball is better with or without expanded playoffs at just like to throw this take out there the expanded playoffs are better because in the long run the best franchises actually do win just not always when we expect it. Consider the following an alternate universe where beginning in 1995 and excluding 2022 still in progress each year, the teams with the best records in the AL and NO respectively faced each other in the World Series and the team with the better record one, and he went through every year, the matchups and the winner. I'll link to it if you're interested in looking at the year by year results, but you notes that in this universe, only two World Series, 2013 and 2020 play out exactly the same as in real life. And yet, it all looks eerily familiar. The names are right, but the places are run, the Cardinals braves and giants all win multiple championships, but the dates on the banners are not what we've been used to seeing. The 2008 World Series between the Phillies and rays happens, just two years behind schedule, even the angels and nationals win titles, only this time, Harper and trout both get championship rings earlier in their careers. The overall feeling is like a story where the hero goes back in time to kill Hitler, only to return to the present day and find that someone else took control of the Nazi Party in World War II, more or less happened anyway, just unsightly different dates and battlefields. And in this case, just with World Series champions, so he notes when all is tallied very few teams see more than one title or one pennant difference from what happened in real life, although of course a title can make a big difference. It's not

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