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It's never too early to give away any 500 tickets hammer explain exactly how you're going to give away this we're going to play a little game called a rick mears or tears four fears and this is how it's going to work here in just a moment i will have caller number now nine and that caller wall be given a fact about some body it will either be a fact about fourtime indy five hundred champion rick mears or grammy award winning duo tears for fears of chris standing by right now chris you're caller number nine welcome to the hammer and nigel show however you not bad also chris what do you do for a living real quick i drive a truck driver trash truck and you are all work done through the day you uh libya thirty nine year old oil you know i'm always a shame when the trash truck dumps my trash out because it's like filled the brain with bottles and empty beer cans and that i feel like a tragic a judge's me sometimes do you judge people for their thrashed paris no though the fun one i curse for giving away any 500 tickets you gotta tell me if this is a fun fact about rick mears or tears for fears you ready yep all right rick ears of tears for fears divorced his first wife in 88 and then he married is marketing executive laura francis pennington here's for fears of rick mears author rick mears no i believe that was hurt smith of tears for fears that's all right we got plenty of time here we go number two attended the beach in cliff school in england rick mears tears for fears here's repair old chris tumour more to go here we go is a personal friend of roger penske rid of nears two years earlier this morning i have think hard on have it all go right bear one more go to chris bring it home born in kansas but raised in bakersfield california rick mears reduce your fears britain mayor winter these did she gm the song when i was a kid man gm love song said this is where we differ like i was more into rick mears and you were probably more into tears for fear of exotic yeah that's exactly right chris hang on the phone ariz is going to take care of you are producer owlry indy five hundred tickets we got a pair to give away all.

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