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Fiery bubby? I'm Dennis Prager wonderful to be with you. I finished by exit by Genesis second volume. I didn't start with the first of my commentary on the bible. I worked till seven in the morning yesterday. Yes. It was a very intense very ever thought possible to describe the amount of work. This is taking I love it. And it's difficult. Isn't that summarize it summarizes life? I love it. And it's difficult. So that is the reason I was off yesterday. Thank Mark Davis. That's a good thing. To know that your show is in good hands in the pros hands. Even at the last minute call I literally worked around the clock. There is so much. I'm telling you, I've been on my mind is. The brain is full. The United States Senate cannot pass a law that a born child is protected if there is a. A botched the Boertien or whatever the circumstance might be. Senator Jeanne Shaheen Hampshire. She said that this is just another. Series of attacks on women's health..

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