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We wearing like hard nepad's are elbow pads or anything that other than the helmet but it's kind of weird we just watches guy is this the official a payroll of the us and i would have no matter how couples not red white and blue all he had was an a little orange bed with the with the olympic rings on it everything else seemed like he was his joy he could have shovel the driveway are gone to the mailbox or like anything of that outfit or he could win goal do you can't really say about other forms of gold but we look at everyone else ago i won gold in this you wouldn't go or we could just going mexican didn't know theme where's the red white and blue wait a minute we see this guy max radha where's that are now we're looking at a snowboarder who is in like that's snowboard he that's him right yeah are all linked whitish greyish you know what was he wearing in the video the first one wasn't all of them ruined fono because it's more confusing and doesn't prove my point very strange choice but not if you're we're all here right that's not is that him the out as villagers watching the one we just saw allow now gina that none of this deal that they use and all in all the images era okay here's in of thing that scrapping on my point which is did he just one gold on this run in each wearing like cargo military pants in a play over that right green and brown and it's not white a red white and blue or it doesn't appear to have any official us smart he's wearing like camrys it looks like he's wearing pants you get as the army surplus store in a hoodie sweat on his hoehlig built bella check is just wearing his clothes on he's comfortable that's right but we're still affairs show you ask whatever go ahead max bad debt video is actually from the slopes out the grand prix at mammoth mouth.

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