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Only peach mint of Trump. Not hurt Democrats in two thousand twenty it is essential to, to preserve in congress as a co equal granted government, as our founders intended is essential to congress, fulfilling its constitutional and moral obligations who said that Janine para. No, bad legal lady guests are fragile line. I was gonna say Scott Mitchell. So that's good sales. Yeah. Yeah. And again, who cares if we're the votes are. That's not what this is about the case to the American people. That is essential for twenty twenty whatever happens panel member, and finishing the post piece panel numbers are arguing there's stink tion between an impeachment inquiry and impeachment proceedings is acetate vote. Yeah. Loose said that enquiries also would happen during Watergate, it's not like the House Judiciary. Couldn't be just dropped articles of impeachment. There was an investigation that preceded it. This would Jill always tells us this inquiry could lead to impeachment, or it could lead to nothing. But I think it Mcgann doesn't show we have to at least start. It's exactly what I was saying. Let's have the hearings, you don't have to vote on, you can vote impeachment down. If you hold it to a vote if the evidence isn't there to see the evidence. Yeah. Yeah. No, I think they have no choice in how many minutes Now, Sean. Where did we got fourteen minutes minutes? He was told that everybody knows math. Yes. I ever network note from her. It's Cecil Leany David Sicily was the first gay, mayor of providence. Apparently so. According to Twitter Twitter, silently correcting my grammar Scott. Scott. All right. And please enjoy your potato. Prize this morning. You love network notes. Come on. Who am concerned? It doesn't concern us here. Wearing a suit. Yes. Yes, he is. Yes, they would like what they would call you a soup teacher potato hash Browns and shut up. I'm reading this correctly. Trump is officially appealed the decision yesterday about his accounting firm. Oh. In your court now. Golly, okay, forty seven minutes after the hour. Karma's fund this portion of the Stephanie Miller show. Brought to you by home title, walk like you need more to be terrified about did you watch sixty minutes? Oh, MTO MFG actually, if you own a home, you just got very nervous. Former head of cybercrimes warmed homeowners that foreign and domestic peeves can steal your home and do it all online. That's because home titles, mortgages are kept in databases that can be hacked, if you have equity in your home. Here's how they get you. They simply forge their name on your home's title use the home as collateral borrow cash sticky with the payments and no Bank or identity theft program protects you..

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