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On TV Akiva Winokur. Rah. First of all, you're to how how many weeks ago I get the sequester. Andro four semesters this one just this one people of multiple people messaged me and said, did you know that you an rob? Yes. Finish fifth place for online reality game show played in one night and we both finished in fifth place. People are like Oh the same. The same. You know you have the same placement as rob. That's very cool and we both went out because we don't know how to do a three year old level memory puzzle. Why do you say that why I'm joking? That's how I went out. and. Had nothing to do that I I I went out because. Two people foolishly believed that going to the end with a couple was the guy in the same house. was. The right way to go Yeah. Yeah. So Okay great I'm at the end with. Care Losing people anyway. Uncle key. Here we are episode number one hundred can you believe it? I can't believe it. I think listen when I started podcast you know we did one hundred eighty episodes the Siamese With just. But now look at us. We Are we are we on top. When I put out the first episode made the graphic for Episode Number One, Rob Makita podcast season three episode seven perfect strangers and I started the was episode zero zero one. Perfect strategies. Seven perfect strangers, people mocked me and said Oh it's a good thing that you have all those Zeros on there because this podcast is definitely going to go to triple digits. Don't think. That away in the back of my head, you remember who said it? Call them out I I. Think I know who said it but I, don't remember specifically I'm like ninety five percent. Sure. But I won't I won't say just in case it. Yes. Okay. Do you give me a hint the? To what that it was a man? Yes. To we play guess who. Stressed to sure. Side I don't remember for sure. But when the point is, we did it we're at triple digits and now we have to start talking about making a fourth digit on our episode titles because you know soon, we're going to be at zero nine thousand Dow pretty soon because we're going daily. Are We know okay. Imagine if we pull this off daily like. I don't know it would be as quick turnaround on a lot of the ideas that need other people. It'd be very hard to do daily. It is funny because it's an annoying. If you have an episode in on the wheel like if you're a guest who's Tied to specific episode, and you're not very familiar with the podcast. It's a weird ask it's like you might come on next week or you might come on and twenty twenty, two. Yeah. If you know someone who's not a Superfan has no idea and even if you know the podcast, it's annoying like I could message you tomorrow recommended you in two years but imagine if it's like at any day we could come calling. And that's what we need like. We need hundreds of ideas wheel. Basically, we can do this part daily, but we'd have to have wheel Wednesday whereas something like Wednesday we'll do it comes up on the wheel. And or do you think do weekends or would we five days a week because? I. I think of a single pockets that comes at seven days a week right? Right. There's I. Don't think so I don't think. PODCASTS. Seventies way. I mean you do? Week does. Guess the one on the only one that. If you record your, but you don't have like a set one every day you're like most podcasts more structured release get not every single week Do we do seven days a week but sometimes we do you think you might do the most podcasts that have anybody honestly probably anyone who makes their living podcast. I'm sure there's some guy who just does ten a day but like if somebody was actually like a professional podcast I can't imagine I mean you've got Sarah doing ten every three year. Yeah and then the opposite end of the spectrum you've got robbed ten week. Yeah. But we're here to talk about Robin and Akiva. Today. Not, not cereal. Yes. But I I do think that we could do a four hours of banter daily and then something that comes up on the wheel once away. Oh so it'd be one rap and the rest would just be talking Yeah Jeff Radio Show than a than a pot radio show have guests come in and out yeah we go. We could do you're pitching guests you guess. Guests would just call in for like thirty minutes or so okay. Fine and it would be experts or would it be listening? We could take calls. That's fine we can do either I mean we're up for hours. We gotta fill the time I. Guess we would have a lot of time to fill would there be commercials I don't think people would be paying. If, it was a radio show we'd have to we can take some commercials, but let's let's not. You know completely develop a new format today today we're here to talk about so much to do today. Yeah, it's probably GonNa be our longest episode. It's a very busy episode. I bet it's not. Okay maybe it's not. We have. We also like we one of our initial things was like one hundred episode was a great to tuning in point for a new listener. and. Now, I'm thinking there's going to be hundreds of sort of inside baseball jokes. Because we're we are clip show right where they will. Highlight, we'll be clips and If if you WANNA know like you know the best things we've done in the past that will be there burleson getting roasted I tend to fifteen of our of our friends now maybe enemy. Yeah and I feel like that's going to be a lot of inside baseball. Yep. Then we're going to do a royal rumble..

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