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This German Come on. You know how how much more do you want? If you can't win a serious this year? With all the stars you have with Matthews and Marner and Neil and ER and I know to various getting hurt was a huge loss in Game one. Every you know, every year they seem to have identified. Okay, Well, we We weren't our defense was a good enough so they've gradually made moves over the years to make their defense. Better care. Goaltending wasn't good number. You can't blame Frederik Andersen for this Jello. Campbell didn't play that badly. We need you no more guys who know how to win in the playoffs. Hey, let's go get Spencer, who actually played well in this seriously, Joe Thornton, or no matter what that's part of the hilarious nous of this, no matter what. Stay address each off season, they still can't get past the same point there been years works. The goaltending there been years. When. What this time, I guess it's Mitch Marner, whose is public enemy number one. You know, he hasn't scored a playoff goal in this last 18 playoff games. It's probably tough. That is tough and he's a great player. He had a fantastic regular season. He's immensely Talented. Matthew's only got one goal in seven games, and he's a phenomenal player. That's what that see. That's the thing right to your point about Toronto. Look, I don't want to win. A lot of it's because of our side of the feeling of the rivalry with the sabers in the main police, but there are teams Troubles and don't wear if they're living at the top of my list of in the top three or four of teams that I never want to see. Win another game or ever win a cup again. Boston Philadelphia The Islanders They're all up there, even Pittsburgh. But there's just something about watching the Leafs lose Jeremy. I really love their team. I really do. I think they're fun to watch. I think they've built a really entertaining club. They have some very, very talented players on that roster, and I think they really do a good job. And then something happens and they can't get over the hump in the playoffs, but to lose to Montreal in a seven game, Syriza's when you had just a golden ticket The third round of the puss. You beat the Canadians and guess what, you play the 14th ranked overall team in the next round of the place. They didn't even get to that. I mean, it's crazy. You know now what they do will be really fascinating to see if they if they sit back and go. We're really good. Let's not overreact to this or if they think they've got to get rid of one of the stars or do something to really Shock the roster, so to speak. Fred Tweets in about that Syriza. That serious reinforces my point on how important goaltending is not for the sabers. For some reason, they for some reason, seemed to ignore the problem that has been consistent since Ryan Miller left. And I mean goaltending in a syriza. Sure you don't want carry prices contract? No, no, no, no, no Cary Price the contract by the way, he's played 71 career postseason games. Yeah or 74 they mentioned last night. It's here. It is his 74th start. That's a lot of playoff games for Cary Price He's played Ah, lot of years, but you do not want Cary Price. You do want him in that series, but unfortunately, having him that series on his current contract means that you have him at a $10.5 million, cap it through 2026. There and he's 33. There's a reason Montreal finished. Would you say 16 18 18th. There's a reason they were 24th last year. Part of it is they paid too much money to a goalie. They built from the net. Montreal's not necessarily good. What you getting or seven games. Syriza and your goalie can steal a series like he did. I mean, they've got some good players, too, and they made some nice moves in free agency. But to fully um but Yeah, she Anderson was Henderson right? The points Never. The goaltending is not important. I mean the sabers. Is that a hot take if you were to see you rather have built a team out with Lena Saul, Market, three million and Cary Price of 10. I don't think it is in a serious you'd say Yes, I'd rather have Cary Price. But Carey Price has When he struggled not only in Over long stretches. He had a save percentage a couple years ago. There was, you know. It's one of the worst contracts in the sport. Harry Price right, You just wouldn't want it, but in a seven game Syriza, right, But today, it feels pretty good. See, that's the thing like Jack Campbell. I know he's you know, he got. I'm sure he feels awful. In fact, I think he said he did after the game. The first goal last night was proof. But you can't. I mean, you don't Hey, didn't play badly in this syriza. I mean, they didn't score. The leaves are one of the best offensive teams in the league, and they didn't score again. The to various injury is one of the problems they had their power play was awful. The line, The Matthews Marner Hyman line. Had two goals in the entire Syriza's. I mean, come on. I mean, they didn't lose every game 6 to 5. They were losing games because they were scoring one goal or two goals because their goaltending was good enough to win, But their offense they didn't score. They couldn't be Cary Price. They couldn't score goals. They couldn't score with the man advantage, and they lose three straight games in the back into the serious Why Scored six goals the last three games. Their offense was almost non existent with a 31 series lead Philip that all the line matched up against Matthews and that line that you know Matthew scores better than anybody in the league and one goal in a seven game series. Probably not enough for him, Um, Price. Meanwhile, just getting the numbers here. His save percentage this year this season was 901. It's not that it's not great at all. In the Syriza's Was 9 32 made some big saves last night. He did good chances, right? Right. And, you know, honestly, I think it's it's nice to see him doing well. I mean, he's he's fun to watch. He's likable and all that. That contract is something that kind of, you know for people that are Montreal fans. Maybe you're maybe for Montreal fans kind of defines the idea of having the big goalie. No, thanks. No way. Yeah, especially at his age. Yeah, That's why so Anyway to the point of, I assume you know, the divisions will be back to normal next season, which means the leaves in the sabers will be back in the same division. And that's why I think What they do in the off season is going to be fascinating again if I were them. I mean, I wouldn't get rid of any of the big The Big Four. So to speak, the various Matthews Martyr and Neil and I guess would be in the Big Four. It's a good hockey team, but then stuff happens. First off, it's tough to win in the playoffs. You can run into Ah, Hot goalie In a short series, you can have a bad matchup. You know, whatever key injury can knock a big player out of your lineup there a lot of things that can happen and I just think if if I were Toronto I would hope they don't overreact and feel like they've got to do some major moves to get one of the stars out of here or something like that. And because I think I'm going to assume we're going to hear that, for whatever reason they're not built for the playoffs. But you know what? They've tried Tried everything right? Okay. A few years ago when they lost it was you've put too much on offense, your one sided hockey team Trade. Which cousin who was out last? That's right, Then they bring in big ocean They bring in TJ Brodie. They do a few things right on. Okay. There better there, Right. Well, they need more toughness. They need more grit. Right? You gotta have toughness and grit to win in the postseason. Bogosian. Wayne Simmons was picked up this year. Okay. Well, you know what If we're being honest, it's a lot of former sabers. If you're hoping to be good to a lot of former 74 batters, Yeah, well, then, and then running Jimmy Vesey. That's true, and they moved 33. But then they said, Okay, well, you know, it's the playoffs. We need guys who've experienced playoff success. They know what it takes to win in the postseason. Here's thought.

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