Dak Prescott, Miami, Neiman Dick Vermeil discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


Oh gatien of the masters whom herbert reul he's eric earth all right here party is loves the it's very strange that i i love a more than i love anybody will came under on espn radio who's the tense best quarterback in the world well he's probably better than if i don't know if i'm ever gonna get to be on your show again so i got to get it in now dak prescott or get out here golik junior who is the tempus quarterback in the nfl gharib marin not helpful yeah aim you know look at your noticed non funding people are tone by we technically noah's been funny so forcible amino acid this'll help oh no oh you know hasn't who the best quarterback in the world in the miami saw stephen willing neiman dick vermeil who is the type as quarterback in fouls in poland out there addict were meal who is the best quarterback in the nfl right now in the universe wow okay i'm having a hard time manager nets yeah and and on on i was him yet champion dick romeo with us on espn radio uganda who we got opinion down on this dick who's the 10th best quarterback in the nfl mm i can't tell you i mean you're retired are allowed to say things now i feel like i just don't like the fraught statements without thinking a pot of i'm sitting here doing something totally different than thinking about quarterback you called me yet and ask me who the best quarterback is you don't want a reliable answer you just want of these fuss that's correct what are you doing though death.

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