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Dot com slash back. If you can't afford it. I understand it. But somebody's got to set the record straight. And if you can't afford it and even if you can't afford it beside not to do it. That's fine. I urge everyone within the sound of my voice to take this information. It will be on blaze TV, it will be on the blaze dot com all of this will be posted. But it is now in your hands. We did the work. It is now in your hands to correct the error of this grave grave mistake. It's up to you. We will try to compact this again in a twenty two minute episode this afternoon, you'll find it on the blaze TV, it'll be the five o'clock show. We will do it in a twenty two minute episode. It is also all being cut up right now by our social media team, and is going to be pushed out, but we need you to retweets. We need you. We need your help. We need your help. All right. Let me tell you about filter by. Filter by. I would like to remind you that getting sick because of the cold is absolutely false. You're in every time. Your mother said you're going to get cold. You're going to get sick. That's not what causes cold not a thing. No. We actually get sick. Because we spend more time inside and we're exposed to higher concentrations of airborne pollutants including cold and FU flu viruses. We're not outside were trapped in a war. Broom, that's baking all of this stuff. According to the CDC about seven million people are getting hit with the flu this year. You want to improve your chances of avoiding the clo- cold and flu season. Everybody gets a flu shot. Have you changed your air filter? 'cause that's why only important it's easy to kick. The can down the road. It's it's not so easy when they actually delivered to your front door. All you.

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