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Subsidies And good morning to. You the geo news, time six. Thirty I'm Kim McAllister in for Brett burkhart the weather cooperating with, firefighters allowing them to make some progress against the biggest wildfire in California history or responded, Dan Simon has the latest on the Mendocino complex. Buyer this fire has slowed down, considerably but the numbers are still staggering four hundred and fifty square. Miles it continues to be fueled by dry vegetation at high. Temperatures while the deadly car fire near reading that destroyed more than a thousand homes is less than fifty percent contained fire, officials say eighteen. Gigantic wildfires are still burning across the state Mark Hartwig of the California fire chiefs association says he's fires burning more intensely and more quickly than ever before the woman who lost control of her car nearly two years ago and drove it into the Petaluma. River killing her two young daughters is being sentenced to five years of. Probation Alejandro Hernandez is Managed. To free herself but it took, twenty five minutes for first responders to get her seven and nine. Year old girls out of the submerged car there were no. Child safety seats installed and previously prosecutor said Ruis had methamphetamines in her system she pleaded no contest to two. Counts of, gross, vehicular manslaughter. The reward for locating missing bay area native and university of Iowa student Molly Tibbets now tops three hundred thousand dollars she hasn't been seen since the night of July eighteenth her father rob Tibbets remains hopeful that story how the happy ending while is just. A normal terrific young woman well on her way to being a great. Mother and wife And we just want her back Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham golfed with President Trump last weekend says. He told the president, ending the Russia probe. Could hurt Republican's chances in the fall election subject came up as, Graham addressed constituents at town hall, this week in Greenville why don't the two of you step up. And, stop the Muller investigation well did Trump asked that question Must have mentioned that about. Twenty times so I told the president and no you don't like it? I, know you feel put upon Just gotta ride it out I, want to win in November If, we stop the Muller probe tomorrow you wouldn't be. Able to talk about anything else South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was the state. Of California versus the Trump administration again yesterday before the ninth circuit court of appeals correspondent Jim Rupe. Reports the state. And the center for biological diversity are suing the department of, homeland, security, over a statute the to argue is invalid in his argument state deputy attorney general Noah golden Krassner said the two thousand five waiver in the illegal immigration reform and immigrant Responsibility Act the d. h. s. us to waive some thirty environmental laws to begin, replacement of some fourteen miles of border fence or wall expired in two thousand eight year we're, talking about the predicate legal, question of whether VHS has the authority to build these, barriers lower court back in February. Upheld the administration's authority to build Jim Roope Los. Angeles get a check on Wall Street now with k. g. o. eight tenths Jason Middleton the three major indices at the corner of wall and. Abroad are starting things off slightly in, the red after being up in pre-market trading one Headline with downward pressure is from China and yes it has to do with trade China is imposing a twenty five percent charge on sixteen billion dollars worth of US goods and the goods being targeted include, American crude oil and cars this brings the list of American goods that face twenty-five percent tariffs, to fifty billion dollars the, Chinese ministry of commerce says the tariffs are necessary to, preserve the nation's dignity after trading. Was suspended yesterday tesla shares are down about three. Percent today giving back some of the gains it made when CEO Elon Musk intimated he'd like to take the car company private I'm Jason Middleton And we're looking. For some, cloudy skies along the coast some fog this morning as well and then we'll see sunshine around the bay area and it. Is a spare the Amazon has everything for back to school. Zebra lunchbox check cool Adidas gear like t shirts shoes and backpacks check triceratops folders and. Pencils check laser cat.

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