Rob Pelinka, Rob Michael, Rob Linka discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show - Hour 1: 6/21/17


I don't wanna see rob pelinka thursday i don't want to see i got nothing against rob michael like some other people may have i think he's a damn good aged and i think he's very smart and dammit anybody that kobe keeps on board that law is go with me because i know how hard core kobe can be i gotta browser rob linka but dammit i don't wanna see thursday i want to hear from him i don't wanna see if i want to see one man one man and that man is magic johnson whatever thick you make i wanna see maj johnston about them and thursday night because that's what's gonna make me believe in the promise of these great lakers that once were wanna be part of the show even a weekdays from one two three six six seven to nine three seven seven six jody ever again here later this year espn will bring you thirty for thirty podcasts the great film series now a new series of sports audio documentary this will be big were finding the best stories for you right now and to do that were behind the wheel of the new mini countrymen the biggest many yet the find great stories you have to get out into the world and follow your in things that's where the new mini countryman comes in handy with all four all wheel drive we can chase down a story in the city the country and most places in hits.

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