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As twenty nineteen year. I started religion. And then so then. I embarked on my trip to I don't want to get. It was just really quick. Okay. Because I I had everybody I had every I had family there for those two different periods of time. And I learned something about my dog. I'll show a picture at the appropriate time here on the feed, but mud dog is unfaithful Barbara is unfaithful. Oh, well, I knew that you know, that Barbara likes seeks attention from whoever is there. But when jesse's parents were there, she slept in the bed with jesse's parents, of course, jesse's whole family. They're all dog people. They don't care. They love her. They think she's a credible. Yeah. So they're not it's not like Barbara try to sleep with my parents who would be a little different. But so Barbara is like sleeping with the enemy. Not the enemy. Oh, you said it you said and sleeping with jesse's parents and then sleeping with jesse's sister a hundred husband and even go into the point of getting in their their suitcase. I have a picture I'll show it. Now. This is Barbara in for those of you who are watching the plight. Gust like trying to I don't know if she's trying to send a message. I want to go home with you. I hate it here because she seems to love us as well. Because what she'll do is she'll spend all night down there. And then the morning, she'll come and get it start scratching in our door. And then once it's come in and just make out with me. You know what I'm saying? I'm not making out with you right now you've been you've been making out with with other people downstairs time for that. But you did let her it. Yeah. Do can't help it. She also wore sweater pretty much the entire holiday season. Oh festive. Yeah. It was just I don't know I want. She just had a sweater. What does she think about the snake does not? Care about moose at all will doesn't bark at him. Doesn't look at him doesn't sniff him shepherd. Brought him down Christmas day holding him. Barbara doesn't care. We were wondering if she was gonna freak out like trout Barbara see this week. Yeah. She seemed to but she didn't seem to care about it. Maybe she maybe she was friends with us naked previous life. I don't know. Now, if she if she gets in the aquarium with a snake? I know that's what not what is called. But whatever then terrarium you're really being cheated on like, you should really take that personally. She's curled up with this navy might try. So after Christmas we went we went to Sedona Arizona because again, like I said last year biscuit, we decided not to do the RV thing. Wanna get there quick? We the place that I found it had a great view out the window the red rocks that are signature for Sedona. Unfortunately, we couldn't take Jade because they wouldn't allow her in this place. And that was my one regret said Jade was not with us. But this place. I mean, a lot of friends that told us about it, and they talked it up, and that's why I wanted to go. And I knew there was a lot of good day hiking, and I'm still trying to foster the love for the nature with my family and taking nature walks. I don't call them hikes. Because like we've talked about before my kids have decided they don't they don't think they like to hike. So you just call it something else in the and it works. Or just don't tell them you're doing just tell them all we're walking. So the car, but we're going to take an alternate. Route in lo and behold, we're out here in nature for three hours and they're loving it. That's that was my vision..

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