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Buyers on hand writing checks. Classic Chevrolet. Find new roads Donate your car to Texans can online and cars for kids dot org's Remember Right off the car? Not the kid. Meteorologist Brad Martin. Live in the W B A P Weather center. Well, we have some heavy heavy rains underway right now across the western sections of Dallas Fort Worth. There is an airport weather warning out there for potential lightning for airport workers. But flights are still getting in and out of DFW airport, at least at some extent, Same thing about love. Now here's what we have on radar. In fact, let me update you on the warnings were warnings to our Southwest Hood, Somerville and the wrath counties until 4 30. Very strong thunderstorms right now on top of Glen Rose. On and moving up toward Grand. Very Lake Granbury area told her Bluffdale moving up and roughly parallel the highway 3 77. In fact, If those storms continue, they're gonna move on through Northwestern Johnson County could trigger a warning there little bit later on and then what we have seen developing across our area, we started to see a band of East West oriented. Rainfall kind of along interstate 20 from oh, well south of mineral wells almost down the life pan across Weatherford into western and northwestern Tarrant County and boy it is just pouring down rain along in north of I 20 and then also north of northwest Lupe 20. Also heavy rainfall along sections of I 35 w between Denton and Fort Worth, and the rain continues to extend and intensify. Around Lewis Bill as southern Denton County and so forth. And there those storms are actually drifting to the north. Now flash flood watch in effect for our area till seven o'clock tomorrow morning. A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for everything south of D FW, which should be Hood, Johnson, Ellis Kaufman counties, and that's until seven o'clock tonight and then we have severe thunderstorm warnings up for another half hour in Hood, Somerville and the Wrath counties will keep you posted live from the W B A. P. Weather center meteorologist Brad Martin. Right now. 76 degrees in downtown Dallas, one person in custody this afternoon after reports of an active shooter earlier today inside North Park Mall. Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia says that investigation revealed that a man with mental health issues was banging a skateboard on a table.

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